AEDs’ Massive Support has come from Sonoma County Vintners, for Ron Rubin’s Trained for Saving Lives project, one hero at a time. It was created by Ron Rubin, of River Road Family Vineyards and Winery, after experiencing his own cardiac attest. It happened when he was prepping for a marathon. Down he went and he needed an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). His son Todd Rubin acted quickly and Ron Rubin’s life was saved

It should be noted, there is a difference between a heart attack and a cardiac arrest. With a heart attack, there are warning signs. With cardiac arrest, there are no warning signs, and the person’s heart just instantly stops beating. This can happen to anyone at any time.

It will only take about eight minutes, before the person needs to be pronounced dead, as the brain’s function begin to slip away. There’s a bit more time with a heart attack. In either case, time is of the essence; with a cardiac arrest, there is much less time. Both need IMMEDIATE attention.

Wineries who want to order your free AED is easy. Click Here For Contact Details

It takes Heart to want to save another life

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Sonoma County Has a GIGANTIC Heart

When we’ve asked for help to get out the word, Sonoma County Vintners always rise to the occasion with such enthusiasm. The easiest way to reach wineries is through their advocacy groups. Each time they take a moment to tell their wineries about this amazing offer, new wineries just step up. With advocacy groups, members are looking for a lot of “things” to turn them into being better at what they’re doing. And, as difficult as it is to talk about saving a life, the most devoted look beyond being uncomfortable, and considering the importance of their people.

Additionally, the wine business has another sincere advocate, who has been a quiet leader in this entire process. It’s the editor of Wine Business. Always guiding people to this Trained For Saving Lives program is editor Cyril Penn. He’s been a constant hero, because he just “gets it.” I’m so thankful for Cyril. He’s a very important link.

Sustainability Should Be A Forethought

This kind of sustainability needs to be a Primary Concern, and here is how Sonoma County Vintners handled it for it’s members. Within a couple of hours, Ron Rubin’s inbox was loaded with 14 new request of the 77, on this week’s Wednesday. We’re now down to 63 and continuing to count backwards, from 450 Free AEDs to 63.

Sonoma County Vintners are supportive of the AED program


Sonoma County Vintners goes on: “To qualify for a free AED, someone at your winery must be trained and certified in CPR. Local Sonoma County fire stations will train people for free in CPR and certify them, making this a very achievable goal in a short amount of time, at no expense to your wine company. The AED will be shipped directly to you, once you qualify – ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!”

It is so simple for vintners. Simply email the program at to register your interest and find out how to get qualified. There is NO FEE in any step of the process. And, I’m betting that EMPATHETIC person is already at your winery. Just ask yourself, “Who has the ability to understand and act swiftly?” And, if you have an HR department, there’s the possible person, right there in front of you.