Jupiter’s Blood is a wine fantasy of today and a likely reality for tomorrow. And, it held me spellbound, as soon as I had set the first chapter’s stage on a score card. As a result, he held me in the clutches of an absorbing reading spree. I actually created a cast of his characters to follow carefully. Without faces, it was necessary for me. Everyone then fell into place, right up to the end of the book. Try as I might, I couldn’t get much else done. Vinum vita est. Wine is life.

Jupiter's Blood

Jupiter’s Blood by Steven Laine

Steven Laine’s Books to Date

This is Steven Laine‘s second fantasy of epic wine proportions. Jupiter’s Blood delivers a vision of an impending future’s reality of the wine business. Remember 1984? Yeah, just like that. It’s just like his first thriller novel “Root Cause,” released in 2019. Laine’s stories are addictive and calculatingly delicious homers, hit right out of the park. Jupiter’s Blood exceeded all of my anticipated expectations.

Jupiter's Blood Home Run

Jupiter’s Blood Home Run

What Makes Steve Laine So Unique

Besides Steven Lane’s background of being a French, Italian, Spanish, and Canadian wine scholar, he’s also an excellent writer. The only North American invited to join France’s Champagne Academy, he’s a member of the International Thriller Writers. Open either of his books and good luck putting either down! With a wine genius background not easily matched, he’s a master of his craft. For those in the business of wine, Laine takes us places we’ve been or not yet explored. With hearts pounding all along the way, you live excitement that’s also quite insightful. It’s a great book for a long flight, for instance.

Reading a book on an airplane pleasantly passes the time.

Reading a book on an airplane pleasantly passes the time.

Where is Wine Headed in The Long Run, Really?

There are more than a few tidbits, due to masterfully created drama sucking us right in. Imagine a world of wine crafted in a lab, that’s beyond the labs we know testing for brix and all that jazz. You’d better get ready for it. Crafting intrigue interwoven with new wine experiences, and taking the present of science right into science fiction, what a skill! This book is most likely prophetic for 20 to 30 years from now, due to dramatic climate changes.

I felt the book every step of the way, because Laine got there before me. But I’m been thinking about our environment since the 60s, so it comes as no surprise and is extremely believable. There’s a reminder of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. The future of wine is most likely being revealed, in Jupiter’s Blood’s fantastic, nefarious developments.

Furthermore, there are no absolutes in life, which makes this story so plausible. How do we cope with a changing terroir? Where will the shifts go, as the world turns? Which of his characters are the good or the bad guys? Who will survive and triumph? Who falls in love, how to handle vertigo, and where did that girl get her running legs?

In conclusion, if you are looking for an excellent read, I highly recommend Jupiter’s Blood.

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Red Wine Tasting in Jupiter's Blood

Red Wine Tasting in Jupiter’s Blood


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