Inspired by Wine Country, Edith Maxwell is also known as Maddie Day (a pseudonym), born and raised in Southern California.

Edith Maxwell as Maddy Day

[Left to Right: Edith Maxwell and Julie Pedroncelli, photo Jo Diaz]

BACKGROUND: Maddie (Edith) got a contract for writing murder mysteries, from Kensington Publishing Corp. Of the three locations offered, Alexander Valley made the best sense. She contacted me, asking for winery type guidance. That was last year; this is now, and her books have just been released. I wrote the word “books,” because there’s also another newly released book, for her novella series, called Christmas Mittens Murder. It an anthology, with three authors: Maddie Day, Lee Hollis, and Lynn Cahoon.

From her Edith Maxwell Website… “Maddie Day is a talented amateur chef and holds a PhD in Linguistics from Indiana University. An Agatha-nominated and bestselling author, is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, and writes award-winning short crime fiction. She lives with her beau in Massachusetts, where she’s currently working on her next mystery, when she isn’t cooking up something delectable in the kitchen.”

As we’d say in Mane, She’s wicked smaaat. And, she’s fun to be around.


Her murder mystery genre is “Cozy Mysteries.” No profanity and the murders take place away from center stage,” she said at Pedroncelli Winery’s book signing. That was this past Sunday, with Julie Pedroncelli being her host. Julie marketed it to her wine club connections, and a very appreciative audience gathered, at 3:00 p.m.. Julie and I talked about it, when reached out to her as a potential host. Julie was and still is elated. She’s a voracious reader and couldn’t resist hosting Maddie Day. A great bond has been created.

From Edith Maxwell’s Website: “Constructing fictional worlds rich with passion, intrigue, and the true mystery of human behavior is what makes her happiest.” In 2013, she left high-tech to write mystery fiction full-time, and is now living her dream. Read about how she made that decision. In her stories, don’t expect to find guns. She’s much more clandestine and dangerous, of the meticulous, plotting kind. Passions are the reasons, and retaliation is much more seductive.

She’s quite partial to dangerous concoctions. (Living just north of Boston, how far is Salem from her home, one might wonder?)  Wounds inflicted by the who-done-it are never dwelt upon, and don’t expect to find any clues leading to that person. You’re left guessing the entire story; and as I heard her say, until the last couple of chapters, even SHE doesn’t know who the murderer is. Such skill setting a perfect story to keep you riveted. Such trust in eventual the revelation, because you’re just NOT going to figure it out. And, she does set a stage for a number of the who-done-its.

Book Signing at Pedroncelli Winery

Edith and I hadn’t any idea how many people were going to arrive. Julie and her company sold all of the tickets to the event. As it turned out, it was standing room only. It’s safe to say that both entities were a draw; Pedroncelli opening a new events room and Maddy Day also coming with Northern California fans. Maddy started by reading from her book, then segued into a Q&A. It was a couple of lively hours, and I know it was a hit. Everyone went home, mostly with their copy, but also with several copies. Let’s just say, I know there are some Christmas presents already being wrapped.

Edith Maxwell, Prolific Creds for 10 year

Country Store Mysteries

As Maddie Day, Edith writes the wildly popular Country Store Mysteries, from Kensington Publishing. Four Leaf Cleaver released in January 2023. Maddie talked about Nacho Average Murder and writing culinary cozies on the nationally syndicated NPR show, “Under the Radar with Callie Crossley.” Listen to the show here or find it on the show’s NPR podcast for August 2, 2020.

Cozy Capers Book Group Mysteries

The Cozy Capers Book Group Mysteries, a foodie mystery series also written as Maddie Day, debuted with Murder on Cape Cod in 2018. Murder at a Cape Bookstore releases in August 2023.

Cece Barton Mysteries

The Cece Barton Mysteries, a California-based series written as Maddie Day, debuts with the “Murderous Mittens” novella in Christmas Mittens Murder in September 2023 and the first book in the series, Murder Uncorked, in October 2023.

Local Foods Mysteries

Edith wrote the Local Foods Mysteries series, also from Kensington. Mulch Ado About Murder released in 2017, the fifth in this popular series set on an organic farm.

Lauren Rousseau Mysteries

Edith also wrote two Lauren Rousseau Mysteries: Murder on the Bluffs and Speaking of Murder.

Short Crime Fiction

Edith Maxwell writes Agatha-nominated and award-winning short crime fiction.

Pictured with sister-in-law Annette Vernon. Edith’s  family came out in force to support Edith!