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Extraordinary Gift Leaders Get

Leaders Are Thrilled With The Acronym AED, Because They Know It Save Lives. Are you one? There are 344 empathic leaders who have already signed up ~ either with Ron Rubin’s TRAINED FOR SAVING LIVES program, or they’ve spent their own $1,700 to get one or two automated external defibrillators.

So, we know there are more out there, than the 344 Ron has given away. Still, Ron is really jazzed to continue to give away the last 106, from the original 450 he purchased, for you. The math on this is a staggering gift. Why would he do such a thing? Because he had a cardiac arrest and his life was saved. He’s wanting to save more lives. He’s a man with heart and soul.

I now equate this with an ostrich, for those now yet having their own Automated External Defibrillators. Wait, hear me out. Ostriches DON’T bury their heads in the sand. What they do is dig a hole in the sand, to lay their eggs. How many of you are still building your nests, is what I ask myself? At least 106 of you, surely.

Vintner, Are You Serious About Protecting Your People?

Are you thinking about having an AED, at your winery, which also services your tasting room visitors and crew, your vineyard workers, parking lot, wine cellar, and your lab, too? There are still 106 to give away.

So, you don’t think this is a bait and switch program… Ron paid outright for the 450 AEDs, and he also set up a program with the American Red Cross for those to be trained, with the necessary skills. It’s one thing to have an AED; it’s another to have the confidence to use it. To simply give one away, may or may not save a life, if  no one has the confidence. Education is always the key confidence builder we need, to go forward with anything in life, come what may.

Major Endorsement, If You’re Still on The Fence

All that above aside, I’m now turning this over to Loie G. Sauer, M.D. She has a powerful endorsement, for anyone sitting on the fence, about being TRAINED FOR SAVING LIVES. Ron Rubin recently got an important Endorsement, about this FREE AED. This might be your paradigm shift in gear.

Please know there is a $450 training fee by the American Red Cross, so your staff is empowered, not cowering.

Ron Rubin does not receive one cent for the training. In fact, what people all say after training, “I’m thrilled to be trained. I’d rather not use it, but if I have to it will be with confidence.” Good Samaritans are very special people, and in many cases have saved lives. This is an important communication, sent to Ron Rubin regarding his TRAINED FOR SAVING LIVES program, from Dr. Joie Sauer, of Providence Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. It’s also important to note that she has ties to Dutton-Goldfield Winery.



You’re remarkable. I, too, am passionate about making CPR and AED training and use widespread throughout our community. Here’s why in my case.

In January 2023, a bicycling companion collapsed in Spring Lake. My cycling group saved his life doing CPR for 20 minutes until paramedics brought him back with an AED. We had searched for an AED and found none and only waited for the ambulance. Press Democrat story about this:

  1. Because I am a doctor (Sonoma County practice for 32 years), my cycling colleagues all waited until I got to the scene to start CPR. What if it had been me? I’d be dead.
  2. I am also a winery owner (25% owner of Dutton-Goldfield, along with Dan Goldfield, Steve Dutton and Theresa Dutton).
  3. Years ago, I advocated to have an AED in the Dutton-Goldfield tasting room, encouraging all staff be familiar and trained.
  4. Since I helped saved my friend’s life in January, I have been on a crusade to teach CPR and AED use. First, I took the training to become a certified instructor with American Heart Association AND American Red Cross.  I then purchased 4 professional mannikins, and 4 AED trainers and have given classes to the cycling community. I’ve advocated for the presence of AED’s in all parks, schools, businesses and of course wineries.
  5. As an active member of Santa Rosa Cycling Club (SRCC), and now with increased awareness of cardiac arrest (many of our riders are age 60+ and have heart conditions), the Santa Rosa Cycling Club is interested in obtaining an AED for our large gatherings, and on our multi-day cycling tours.  Each time I teach a CPR and AED class, the question comes up: why doesn’t the SRCC have an AED?  That’s what is needed in cardiac arrest.

So, how can I partner with you?  I think our winery tasting room is up to speed with an AED and training.

Lastly, are you familiar with the PulsePoint AED Registry App?  Download it and allow it to see your location and it will show all the AEDs nearby.  I wish I had that app back in January because I could have sent a cyclist to fetch an AED from a dentist’s office near where we were doing CPR.