Domaine Bousquet’s Virgen Wines

Domaine Bousquet’s family has created a wine called Virgen, with no added sulfites. They’re USDA approved as organic. I  know plenty of very health-conscious people who will delight in these wines. Even if you’re not looking for organic, the wines are very tasty and extremely affordabe.

You might just want to give them a try, when you see them in your super markets.

From Organic wines are your best chance for the lowest sulfite levels, because they’re created from organically cultivated grapes, without the use of chemicals (including sulfur dioxide) during the winemaking process. About the name Virgen, Back Label: “Virgen defines our USDA-Certified, no-sulfites-added, vegan, organic wines, the purest expression of our pristine, high-desert, Tupungato Valley terroir in Argentina’s Mendoza region.”

Organic and Biodynamic Virgen Wines

Domaine Bousquet’s Virgen Biodynamic Wines are simply delicious, I can’t say it enough. They’re farming their vineyards’ components as one entity, This eliminates the need for chemicals and uses natural materials and composts, instead. It’s unique because it uses a special calendar called the biodynamic calendar. This divides days into four categories: leaf, flower, root, and fruit.

On leaf days, farmers water their crops. On flower days, farmers let plants thrive. On root days, farmers prune if necessary. And on fruit days, farmers harvest. The biodynamic practice does not use chemicals, but rather composting. This often includes elements such as yarrow blossoms, stinging nettle, chamomile, and cow’s horns. It all signify abundance.

 Virgen Wines from Domaine Bousquet

L to R: Virgen 2021 Natural Red Blend, Virgen 2021 Natural Malbec, Virgen 2022 Natural Chardonnay, and Virgen 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon.

I truly enjoyed each wine. Beginning with the 2022 Virgen Chardonnay, to the 2021 Virgen Natural Red Blend. Then, to the 2021 Virgen Natural Malbec 2021 and the Virgen Natural Cabernet Sauvignon. Their wines are typically varietal characteristic flavors, mirroring what one would expect. They’re not ultra complicated (like some other of their wines). They’re mainly very pleasurable, matching so many kinds of foods.

The choices are yours, as my image below suggests. Each red wine’s alcohol level comes in at 14%, with the Chardonnay being 13.5%. (I love lower alcohol, white wines, like this one.) Unbelievable affordability: Their prices range from $10.00 to $15.00. It depends on certain elements. States, taxes, wholesalers, and retailers all set an increase, then onto the bottle. Doesn’t it really make you wonder?

Domaine Bousquet’s Location

Located within Tupungatos Uco Valley, Mendoza Argentina, Virgen Wines are a biodynamic wine brand within the Domaine Bousquet Family’s Portfolio. Great news for those of us who love wines to be as pure as possible. And, there are no added sulfites. While, natural sulfites occur in all wines, so they’re unavoidable. Yet, we still have the ability to regulate how much more, by choosing “organic.” I’ve found that Virgen wines to be extremely easy to appreciate, for all of these sensible reasons.

Domaine Bousquet’s Terroir 

Terroir: sandy-gravel soil slips down from the mountainside, and the region has year-round sunshine. (Imagine!) For perspective: This region is at the foot of the Mount Tupungato volcano, at an elevation of 4,000 feet. The mountain is 21,555 feet high (refer to the image of the winery, in relation to its backdrop), and one of Argentina’s highest peaks. The altitude of vineyards brings a clarity of light, water, and air. It’s said to moderate the high temperatures, which are associated with lower latitudes. This is a very unique terroir, as terroirs go.

This mix of sandy, gravel soils is credited for Domaine Bousquet’s signature “Naturally Elegant Wines.” They benefit greatly from brilliant sunshine and 50°F degree temperature swings, between day and night. This all leads to super-flavorful, fresh tasting grapes. Along with being organic, Bousquet is also a Registered B Corp. This is a very prestigious certification. It’s a global nonprofit network, which is transforming the global economy.

It was created to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. I really like the Bousquet family, because they’re bright, talented, and committed to good, clean living. This also translates into their wines. It’s just good clean living, for a time on earth when this kind of commitment says, “We really care,”

Tupungato, Uco Valley, Mendoza Argentina, is high desert terroir. The benefits of being in a higher elevation are that it’s typically windier than the lower desert, averaging between 12° to 20°F degrees cooler, in both summer and winter seasons. This is gentler on grape growing and the ripening processes, for the most part. Delicious flavors evolve, and they’re not over-the-top ripe wines, either. The soil is sand gravel; and, sunshine is a given.

All of these conditions produce high quality, delicious grapes. 

Bousquet Family

The origin of the Domaine Bousquet family travels back to the city of Carcassonne (karkasɔn), located in the southwest of France. With an elevation of 266–820 feet, roots of civilization run deeply here. With extensive remains of medieval fortifications, see the image below. Four generations of Bousquets, the family have been able to traces themselves back to this archaic stronghold.

Their passion is to produce wines of superior quality and this is what led them to Argentina, to begin a new chapter. Now, four generations of the Bousquet family crafting wine has always been, and still is, the production of wines having a superior quality

[PHOTO: Le Pont Vieux (Old bridge) in Carcassonne, France. Purchased, all rights reserved.]

I’ve found a purity in this family’s wines that’s unencumbered, just really straight forward and stylized as smooth are probably the best descriptions. They range in price from $10-$15. They’re sooo affordable it makes my head spin. This above has created everyday enjoyable wines, yet I would still be very happy to serve them to family and friends, as being very special!

Going with the theme: unencumbered foods for everyday simple pleasures, begin with these ingredients and Virgen wines… A little rice or a little pasta, with this food board of ingredients, and you’re well on your way to delicious creations.

Their Commitment Is Delivering Their Best to You

FROM Domaine Bousquet: Virgen is not only made from organic fruit, but they contain no sulfites, so they qualify for being fully organic, with USDA certification. Virgen is the purest expression of their local terroir, growing high in the Tupungato Valley, of Mendoza, Argentina. And, you can read their philosophies and truths here.