Yikes! The high holidays began today, with the Jewish Passover. Ramadan started on April 1, and lasts until April 30th. Christians begin Good Friday today, and continue celebrating until Easter Sunday. A time of renewed focus, even if it’s just a miracle or an astrological phase, defining spring.

Briefly, because it will take me to the 2021 Alavida Malbec, (USDA-Certified Organic Kosher) wine, produced by Domaine Bousquet… As it reflects my own inner spirit of inclusion, new beginnings, and celebrations… Spring holidays I love. And, when a wine has had a special blessing for being as pure as possible, I take notice. (“Sustainable” is our wine word in wine we use for that, and having passed tests of cleanliness, in both cases – again, code for “sustainable,” I’m liking it.) It’s a bargain at $19.

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The rigors of dotting ‘i’s” and crossing “t’s” is becoming more important all the time, to health, conscious people worldwide. It just makes sense for health living.

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The 2021 Alavida Malbec is a great wine for this weekend. Spring has sprung, as the saying goes. With it are so many high holidays. While I firstly recommend it for any Jewish people, out shopping for a Kosher wine right now, I also sincerely recommend it for any Easter holiday celebrations. Why? It’s so really fabulous, with restrained and smooth tannins, red raspberry flavors of summer, so food friendly, and it just speaks deliciousness. This wine is very affordable and will complement any cuisine that allows for medium bodied, food flavors.

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Because I know this holiday weekend well, and this wine will complement many other celebrations, too, including Easter.

Tonight this wine will be very special. Tomorrow? Just as much. Tomorrow, many people will also begin the Easter weekend. My family raised me with spring holidays. I’ve always kept the tradition going through the renewal of spring’s new flora and fauna. And this wine is everything you’d want in a spring, red wine. So, I’m raising my respectful glass of wine to the 2021 Alavida Malbec, from Domaine Bousquet. If you enjoy wines of celebration, this one is so “fresh” right now. It’s got all the bells and whistles; organic, Kosher, and really געשמאַק [delicious].

DOMAINE BOUSQUET, in the Gualtalarry Mountains

John Mariani, Contributor who covers the world’s best hotels, restaurants, and wine, begins by defining their terroir in FORBES:

Domaine Bousquet is located high in the Gualtalarry Mountains of Argentina. The growth and acceptance of Argentinean wines in the global market, despite the country’s boom-or-bust economy, is largely the result of investments made and vineyards planted just in the past 20 years.

In SevenFiftyDaily, Editor and Chief Kristen Bieler writes – Exploring Argentina’s High-Elevation Uco Valley:

Argentina’s climate for Domaine Bousquet explains a lot to people who are familiar with a mountainous climate, “With rainfall averaging a scant 20 cm per year (approximately eight inches), water delivery to the vines can be well controlled. Irrigation is processed through a drop-by-drop system harnessing the pure Andean mountain run-off. This special water creates lower pH in the grapes, resulting in higher acidity and more color in the wine. The desert-like climate has a huge 59° F day/night temperature differential.”


Recently, I received and then tasted the 2021 Alavida Malbec, (Organic Kosher) with Jose and friends; and, we were totally wowed!

This is a Passover wine NOT to be passed over: This 2021 Alavida Malbec, (Organic Kosher) wine, was one of our bottles. Having a relatively new wine drinker in our group was very refreshing. He got an earful, when he thought having sustainable credentials was really more marketing than organic or kosher, for instance. I believe this is a common misconception, only because the general public doesn’t understand the rigors of proving to a government agency that all steps of verification have been taken.

Working so closely with local to worldwide wine companies is quite the education. Sustainability means that companies have to prove their detailed improvements, or just keep on trying to have the distinction. (Ask anyone in charge of the paperwork.)
This young man has a very different, and now solid, outlook. If you are celebrating Passover, and even if you’re not, this wine is a gem. Easy to enjoy, really well balanced.


According to Domaine Bousquet, “the Alavida name is a riff on ‘A la vida!’ It’s Spanish for ‘To life!’ Itself a rapidly energetic, often a improvisational and verbal outpouring, on the traditional Hebrew toast ‘L’chaim!’ “Origins’Organic” is owned by husband-and-wife team Labid al Ameri and Anne Bousquet. “Argentina is a nation rich in diversity, and our own multi-cultural family has been making certified organic wines in Argentina since 1997,” al Ameri observes.

A la Vida to you and yours, for the upcoming high holidays!

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