This short-list of wine Education Gifts is comprised of some truly great wine gifts I’ve researched, beyond also giving Wine Books. They’re worth sharing. Some are old ideas and some are new ideas; each one brings something very unique to the education of wine, for novice and professional alike.

  • Evan Goldstein
  • Le Nez Du Vin
  • Winemasters Lessons
  • Time Hanni’s Welcome to Wine Business Education

Evan Goldstein: Webinar and Education – Master the World

Mastering the World of Wine Has Never Been Easier. Thanks to Evan Goldstein, an extraordinary educator, Evan Goldstein MS might have exercised his rights to the “gold” in his name; as in, a golden opportunity not only for himself; but also for us, when he created Master the World™; Learn Like a Pro.

Check for the upcoming seminars on his Website, if you become inspired for you or someone else near and dear to you.

I personally walked into the world of wine in early 1993. I’ve had 27 years of studying, lessons, teaching, and enjoying it all. The positive relationships forged along the way have given me insights that are so worth sharing; ergo, we all benefit. Really, the world of wine has to be one of the most enjoyable professions on the face of the planet, especially when you combine great people and food with the wine. Most people have a “happy hour,” after hours. It’s a “happy day,” for those of us in this industry, all due to the end goal… wine.

Advocating for Evan Goldstein is one of my greatest joys, because he’s quite fabulous in my opinion, just for starters. He’s bright, energetic, well-educated, approachable, yet easy-going in his style. His latest project is engaging, thought-provoking, and a blast in the process.

An extraordinary educator, Evan Goldstein MS might have exercised his rights to the “gold” in his name; as in, a golden opportunity not only for himself, but also for us, when he created Master the World™; Learn Like a Pro.

Le Nez Du Vin

Le Nez Du Vin by Jean Lenoir, a fabulous holiday gift for your favorite wine enthusiast

The Le Nez du Vin wine aroma kit is the original of all wine aroma kits on the market. Nobody does it better… It’s the Bentley of wine aromas, discovered by Jean Lenoir some 30 years ago… Often imitated, it can’t possibly be duplicated.

Nor can there exist anything quite like it for a luxurious experience for anyone serious about wine and discovering all that’s possible to explore.

All I know is that I’m now off into the wondrous world of wine aromas, brought to me by aroma genius Jean Lenoir.

You know, the aroma adjectives that writers use when they’re writing about wine; or, how about your friends who can easily wax poetic about the aromas and flavors of wine? They easily come up with all the descriptors for flavors, because they’ve spent a few years exploring and loving wine. And, as Anton explained and I discussed, there are those among us – my children included – who have grown up with parents who love wine and they’ve just been inclusive with their children about wine as a simple way of life. These people have an advantage over people who are still wondering and asking, like so many people at Mondavi asked me, “Does the winemaker add grapefruit to the Sauvignon Blanc to make it taste like grapefruit?” It’s an honest and innocent question, and always allowed for me to explain that wine has the same chemical compounds for flavors that are found in those other objects… that they weren’t infused with flavors. The flavors exist naturally.

The exploration of wine is a sensual journey that begins with sight and hearing…

  • Perhaps seeing and hearing a cork being pulled (or a twist-off, not so romantic by any stretch of the imagination)
  • Then, seeing and hearing wine being poured into a glass
  • The most engaging part of wine comes when we swirl and sniff, before we sip
    • To miss this step means that we’re on a singular journey of drinking and enjoying wine; which I equate with being in a room with a Renoir and enjoying it from afar; but, missing the delicately layered brush stokes that you discover when you get up really closely, like in a museum of art.

Winemasters Lessons

Just Released Second Season of Wine Masters: ITALY

For anyone studying wine for any accreditation in the world of wine, this would be money well spent. I don’t represent this company, but I do appreciate what they’ve produced, so I’m sharing. If you can’t get to any these places, you’ll feel like you were there, learning first hand, from reliable sources. It’s now a great series developing.

The first Wine Masters was about France (trailer is at the end of this posting). This second video, now making this a series, has just been completed and is about certain regions in Italy.

Italy has a very special place in my heart, after my visits to Castello di Meleto in Gaiole, the Chianti Classico region of Tuscany; and, Colonnara Viticultori in Cupramontana, of the Le Marche region. Memories are the best part of travel, and now here’s how I get to enjoy even more, stateside.

I’ve also reviewed their class on France. If you’re a student of wine, these videos are really valuable. If you can’t get to Italy or France, like Covid stopped me from returning to Europe this Covid year, they’ll still give you a better sense of being there.

Tim Hanni’s Welcome to Wine Business Education

Wine Business Education Is Now Very Convenient, Thanks to Tim Hanni ~ Welcome to

Brought to you by Tim Hanni – America’s first Master of Wine, keynote speaker, wine educator, and author of the book on wine consumer preferences.

Tim has launched his Business of Wine online/on-demand course and easy-to-use financial calculators.

After 30 years of course development, 10 years of teaching, and a furious final year of development, our workbooks and Business of Wine course is available to the wine trade and public, just launched.

Use our tools to get ahead with a master’s program in the wine business, and use our financial calculators to determine your cost of goods, sales & marketing, production, vineyard and tasting room profitability metrics.

We also have a set of “tutorials” for all of the WBE Financial Calculator.

The financial workbooks enable a thorough examination of costs within a specific segment of a winery’s particular operations including:

  • Winery Cost of Goods Workbook
  • Wine Pricing Calculator
  • Vineyard P&L and Cash Flow Workbook
  • Tasting Room Profitability Calculator
  • Marketing, Sales and Portfolio Management Workbook
  • Blending Profitability Workbook

More information can be found at

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