The invite to the citizens of Geyserville read: ~ Feeling Creative? Paint wine barrels for the fall and spring seasons to brighten up Geyserville. Fun for the whole family.

And so they came. The barrels have now been placed throughout the town of Geyserville. Very down-home, and r-e-a-l-l-y well done. Halloween wine lovers are up for a deliciously ghouling Halloween day. The art is truly amazing, for such a tiny town to have so much local art talent. I’m inspired to paint when Easter comes along next spring. I did notice them last Easter. And this has mushroomed, seriously. Blame it on some “good Covid news.” Wine country artists are adapting solitude times right into creation.


Imaginations were taken to heart and so was the art. It could have been a fall theme, Halloween, Day of the Dead, or anything else anyone wanted to paint, and so they did. No artistic talent was required. It was suggested that painted barrels will cheer this holiday for everyone. The outdoor exhibit was sponsored by the Geyserville Community Foundation and Bryce Jones. A big thank you to Munsel Vineyards, Pedroncelli Vineyards, and Topel Winery for donating the barrels.



Along with our wine industry clients at Diaz Communications, I’ve taken on another joyous assignment, due to Covid-19; home-schooling my nine-year old grandson for this school year. The following became a self-guided field trip for us. It was important to photograph as much we could, because we’re going to make this into another self-published school assignment. (Our first book is already published: Le Grotte di Fransassi, a cave of stalactites and stalagmites, in the Le Marche region of Italy, which I took on an Italian wine writing adventure.)

The following are some very artful images, intended to inspire an outside Halloween experience for anyone wanting to be in wine country, most especially on Saturday, October 31… this year’s Halloween. This is not only a kid and family’s Halloween fun time come true, it’s also a really cool adult Día De Los Muertos! For you big guys, sip some delicious wines located in downtown Geyserville.

List of Local Wineries Downtown

Four physical locations, all within one tiny blog of each other. And…  some outside dining at (everyone’s favorite) Diavola Pizzeria.

Please call EACH ONE ahead to make an APPOINTMENT.

1. Locals Tasting Room, featuring wines from the following:

2. Mercury Geyserville

3. Pech Merle Winery

4. Ramazzotti Wines

Enjoy being outside, finally some fresh air, and please wear a mask so we can all have a worry-free, fun day. My grandson and I had one of the best field trips ever, seriously. Come to see this live, with barrels now placed all over the tiny town of Geyserville. In total, there may be as many as 50 barrels to find. This exhibit is for families and people who love wine country, combined with holiday art. Some of these barrels have been done by already accomplished, local artists and some by aspiring artists (of all ages). Definitely winederful (please forgive the pun)…  Enjoy the images.


And, remember this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. About 40 barrels were delivered to people’s homes in Geyserville, and so I haven’t even photographed them yet…. but I will be doing just that.