Webinar and Education – Master the World

An extraordinary educator, Evan Goldstein MS might have exercised his rights to the “gold” in his name; as in, a golden opportunity not only for himself, but also for us, when he created Master the World™; Learn Like a Pro.

A new seminar is coming up on October 21, 2020, in the event you become inspired.

I personally walked into the world of wine in early 1993. I’ve had 27 years of studying, lessons, teaching, and enjoying it all. The positive relationships forged along the way have given me insights that are so worth sharing; ergo, we all benefit. Really, the world of wine has to be one of the most enjoyable professions on the face of the planet, especially when you combine great people and food with the wine. Most people have a “happy hour,” after hours. It’s a “happy day,” for those of us in this industry, all due to the end goal… wine.

Advocating for Evan Goldstein is one of my greatest joys, because he’s quite fabulous in my opinion, just for starters. He’s bright, energetic, well-educated, approachable, yet easy-going in his style. His latest project is engaging, thought-provoking, and a blast in the process.


FROM HIS WEBSITE: “A trip leading a group of sommeliers through the wine country of Brazil’s Serra Gaúcha was not when one would expect to have an “aha” moment for a new business idea. Alas, that is what happened to our Co-Founder and Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein in February of 2015.

Every morning, Evan watched a New York City sommelier, studying for the tasting section of a prestigious wine certification exam, ritualistically open a set of six crudely-packed mini wine bottles to blind taste, in an effort to train her palate. The wine bottles were packed by a friend back home to help her study. When she finished tasting, she would email home and ask for the wines’ identities to check her deductions. This got Evan thinking: There’s got to be a more effective way to train one’s wine palate, and not just for sommeliers but for all wine lovers.

Fast forward a few diligent years, we have figured out a high-quality production process, subjected it to sensory and lab analyses, jumped through regulatory hoops, created branding and packaging, and developed a wine evaluation tool that has morphed into a unique and effective wine education experience: Master the World.

This is no ordinary wine club – it is a wine club that will empower you to explore new wines, learn how to evaluate them, and decide for yourself what you like. No artificial intelligence telling you what to drink, no gimmicks, no swill.

I’m all for learning as much about wine as I can. Why? It’s made me a lover of world history (who knew?), craving for the flavors, knowing they reflect the exact point in time and place where they were created, even standing there! If this is wine nerdy, I’m in. It’s a great way to go out!

(“In moderation, my dear,” I hear Mother Saint Yolande saying to me and y’all, as a cautionary warning.)

EVAN’S INGENIOUS Master The World™ (MTW)


Master The World™ (MTW) @ www.MTWwines.com is a new and innovative wine education platform for industry professionals and consumers alike seeking to hone their palate. Subscribers can look to improve their tasting skills and expand their wine knowledge via carefully curated blind-tasting kits, conveniently delivered monthly to their door. Three subscription plans are available: an à la carte, “check-us-out” single kit for $90 (an original holiday-season gift or birthday present), a monthly “pay-as-you-go” option at $80 per kit, or a 12-kit annual subscription for $840, i.e. $70 a kit, including free overnight shipping during summer months.

Now launching in 45 states nationwide (excluding AL, DE, MS, SD, and UT), MTW is the brainchild of industry veterans Limeng Stroh (Co-founder/CEO) and Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein (Co-founder/Chief Wine Officer). Stroh and Goldstein are also long-time partners in Full Circle Wine Solutions, a top California-based wine & spirits marketing and education firm.

Each kit contains six wines packaged in 187 ml glass bottles, each selected by a panel of Master Sommeliers as textbook examples of a specific grape variety, region, and/or style. “Regardless of provenance, every wine comes from a top-notch winery, many of which are celebrated household names. We taste dozens of wines before zeroing in on our finalists,” notes Goldstein.

If you want to begin to learn about wine, this is like an experience that those of us who are “in the business” have, when we’re learning, and now so can you. If you want to brush up your wine knowledge, it’s equally fun and you can take advantage of more details; since you’ll already know some of what Evan will be introducing.


You have a bow and arrow in life. You can run around with arrows all day, trying to find and hit your target; or, you simply take time to find solid ground, draw the bowstring back, find your target, hold steady, pull back the bowstring so it’s taut and controlled, and then trust yourself to let go.

After just one session, you’ll have more understanding, knowledge, and a walk-away with more enlightenment. Being very candid and honest… I was able to guess four of the six varieties that I tasted, I got some regions right, but I didn’t get some others. There were times when I thought it was one thing, wasn’t sure; but I had been right, and sorry I hadn’t trusted my instincts. The reason I’m telling you this, even with my years of learning and visiting the world, I’m never going to know it all, none of us are. But I know I get to inspire the average person who is curious about what I do know, and it further educates. So now, take Evan… He impresses me… Nuf said?


Check out Evan if you’re ready to take what you know, no matter where you are in the process, to another level. It’s a fun way to pass the time, stretching your imaginations and your palates. He has plans and you’re invited: