My theme is TERROIR; capturing the heart, soul, and essence of it. And, yes, there was most certainly wine education involved.

Beautiful places I’ve been and photographed: Provence, France.

[PHOTOS: Jo Diaz, all rights reserved.]

You say Provence and I say “lavender” (maybe I’ll even say Rosé).

It was just a perfect day under Provence sun at Château Roubine Cru Classé.

Imagine standing on the very earth where the Knights Templar once lived as one of their outposts. They were safety guards for Christians, who were on pilgrimages from France to the Holy Land, during the Dark Ages.

This Knight Templar stands guard in the lovely gardens of Chateau Roubine, celebrating that history.

Now, imagine owning a chateau on that land. May I introduce Château Roubine Cru Classé. This day was dedicated to learning about Provence terroir and wines, while having an exquisite luncheon (definitely black truffles included), on the grounds of this historic earth.

We first went on a vineyard tour, to whet our appetites. “I spied, with my little eye,” a touch of verasion in the vineyard. (For anyone who doesn’t know, veraison is when grapes begin to turn from green into their true purple colors;  the grapes sugar levels become elevated and then balanced enough for harvest).

My guides: on the left is Adrien Riboud, co-owner of Château Roubine Cru Classé (with his mother Valérie Rousselle). The gentleman on the right is their vigneron Pierre Gérin.

In the distance from the vineyards, you can see the chateau and its countryside.


Château Roubine Cru Classé Wines

In Provence, the art of their bottles is as important as the art of their vineyards and the wines within the bottles.

The amount of sophistication is revealed in every detail.

This day was followed by dinner at Chez Bruno with a Black Truffle Fixe Prix dinner. Each course revolved around black truffles; black truffles and rose go hand in hand due to where they’re both grown and lusted after.


Chez Bruno in Provence, France is Very Sophisticated

As guests of Chateau Roubine, we were welcomed to Chez Bruno Restaurant. in Lorgues, France.

Art was really well placed around the grounds at this jewel in Provence, with an eclectic edge on delightful.

Quite the lovely wall.

Black truffles, right now are about $95 per ounce… Chez Bruno has an all-black truffle menu. Their menus…

All of it, just all of it, all day long, was picture perfect and scrumptious. The amazing presentation of black truffles, from which our host to choose what he would like to share with his guests…