My theme is TERROIR.

The 1,686 words are missing here that I wrote, at one point. Terroir ~ The Most Complex Segment of Wine. This blog posting is more of a pictorial representation. The link to my story is a bit long, yet all of these images play a very important role in Terroir, according to my understanding. For today, just enjoy the images of the French countryside and take in the terroir moments.

Thank you Georges Duboeuf for the education. Each photo tells you where we went, from north to the south of Beaujolais, France.

It all began here, at the Georges Duboeuf hamlet.

DAY 1 [above photo] Northern Beaujolais: In the town of Saint-Amour, Château de Saint-Amour, with the Sidaurin family (owners) and winemaker Roland Berrod. The gardens always had a lovely touch to terror, with their bees and hummingbirds.

Château des Capitans in Juliénas with winemaker William Chevalier. The important shade is provided by the flowers, as we headed into the wine cellar.

Headed to Morgon to meet with Nicole Descombes, of Morgon Jean-Ernest Descombes winery.

Domaine des Quatre Vents, in Fleurie, France. The red doorway opens up the view of the little chapel in the above and below photos.

The hamlet of Fleurie, overlooking the town from the Madrone Chapel.

An evening dinner meeting in Odenas, France with owners Jean-Benoit and Tiphaine de Chabannes, at Chateau de Nervers.

DAY 2 – SOUTH OF FRANCE, the Market of Villefranche-Sur-Saone, shopping for ingredients for a cooking class with Chef Stephane.

The town of Oingt. The more important aspect of this town is for us to notice the gold colors of their stone… Stones used by Roman to build a solid structure.

Headed to the Vignerons (grape cultivators) des Pierres Dorees Coop, with director Sylvain Flache.

When vineyards were planted, it’s widely understood in France that their grape growing teams need to get out of the hot sun and have a break. These kinds of little shelters are missing in California and had me yearning for something like these to be built here. (Call me a dreamer.)

Sylvain Flache, kneeling, inspecting the grapes grown very close to the ground. Vines are not on a trellis system here.

A helicopter tour of the Golden Stone region of Beaujolais. This castle is an example of how some towns have been constructed, with the castle surrounded by a stone wall.

The famous Rock of Solutre… People can and do climb this mountain. On the day we arrived, the temps were in the 90s, so thanks, but no thanks. Instead, see the next image.

Maconnais region of France. Wine director Gilles Corsin. Pouilly-Fuisse – so delicious! The Mountain is to the left of Gilles in this image.

Domaine des Chenevieres‘ vine arbor above the wine cellar doorway.

Thank you, also, Quintessential Wines