It’s been since June 3, 2020, that I’ve been able to actually journal about wines I’ve been enjoying. I’ve never stopped notetaking, it’s just that Covid, Black Lives Matter, and now the election have just taken over, while the world continues to really swirl around. Lots of personal passions and challenges; this also included some organizing and jumping-into-ZOOM hoops, with the PS I Love You group.

Yet, I still do slow down to enjoy food and wine each day, not just put it into a story.

Many people are now better adjusted to lives at home 24/7. I made that segue in 2001, and am just about ready to celebrate 20 years of loving it. Having so much to do on this beautiful land is part of it, and it’s also about the hours. I used to love 80 hour weeks at my desk, but not anymore… Not when I have grandchildren, can feed the birds, and keep the flowers and veggies still coming. And, the wines…

Having many ducks now in a row, I still try to get back to my computer keyboard on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Wine is such an integral part of having enjoyed life along the way, taking notes, traveling to parts unknown, and working hard.


Beginning with Tiamo, dry wine spritzers in a can.  I’ve loved wines in cans, since the instant, they came out. Being an early adopter on this one, I’ve watched the acceptance of alternative wine selections in cans also continually grow. And I’m not surprised.

“A benefit near any water sports”

Today, there are also all types of wine knock-offs being crafted, and for so many different audiences. In the beverage isles of some large grocery stores, it’s become a bit unreal to simply find a bottle of just real lemonade, and if you make it carbonated, so much the better, but yet another bottle.

So, memorize this image, if you’re looking for something refreshingly fun, and really satisfying. It will let you have a little wine experience, while also quenching your thirst on a very hot day, like this one. I didn’t sip this one, I found myself indulging a bit. I just saw a friend add a bit of Perrier to her red wine. I didn’t flinch. I knew it was a mod-mood-thing, and we just kept talking, as she blended.

So here’ the skinny on the spritzer #samples I tasted:

Only 90 calories, in 8.4-ounce cans, and five percent alcohol by volume. Let’s just say, I wasn’t the earliest adopted on these spritzers. My snob factor was in full bloom, when they arrived on the market. Still, I’m also not a “keeping up with the Jones” either. I just had to think about it, and a 100-degree day put me over the edge. Sweating bullets, at the time it had been well over three weeks of 100-degree weather (in June), and that will lead you right into the samples you’ve had chilling for a bit, and right to something to stop the weather encouraging more hot flashes. As it happened, Timao Spritzer Time kicked in.

I’ve enjoyed their wines in cans, now it’s the Spritzera!

From Tiamo: “Tìamo is an innovative and modern brand produced sustainably from organic grapes, a perfect match for the canned wine format that promotes common sustainable attributes, like lightweight packaging and efficiency in recycling,” explained Todd Nelson, marketing and communication manager for Winesellers, Ltd.  “Tìamo organic White and Rosé are ideal for this application and entry into the emerging canned wine category.”

Tìamo Dry White Wine Spritz

  • 8.4 Ounces
  • Made with organic grapes
  • 5 percent alcohol by volume
  • Deliciously clean white wine
  • With love and moderation
  • Made in Italy

Tìamo Dry Rosé Wine Spritz

  • 8.4 Ounces
  • Made with organic grapes
  • 5 percent alcohol by volume
  • Only 2-grams of sugar
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Made in Italy

These little spritzers are very lively, their faint wine nuances have just made it perfect to do a quick, safe guzzle, given how hot and thirsty I was when I opened them. Immediately satisfied that I made the right choice for writing, because it’s really impossible to guzzle wine, but a quick throw your head back and just take it all in, as we adjust to heat, that was pretty much what I wanted… It was perfect.

And, BTW, no artificial flavors or sweetners. Vegan-Friendly. Gluten-Free. what’s not to love in 100-degree weather!