With Wings on his feet, Episode 6 leads you quickly from past Episodes of Kerry Damskey, a global brave and daring winemaker, to now Three Corners being explained as ONE VISION | ONE WINEMAKER | THREE TERROIRS:



Episode 6 – Kerry Damskey & Three Corners Wine

Episode 6 is a quick three minutes recap; especially good if you’ve seen his prior episodes. You’ll quickly realize this is one man who defines ingenuity, driven by curiosity to perfection. Within this map, you can imagine from Israel to California, then down to Costa Rica, and back to Israel make Kerry’s Three Corners complete…

He ends Episode 6 and segues right into his final Episode 7.

Episode 7 – Kerry Damskey Talks About Palmeri Wines

Back to California, and his California wine brand, Palmeri. Kerry and his wife Daisy decided to name the brand after what they do, which is mountain wine growing. Palmeri comes from a species of oak called Quercus palmeri, only grown at high altitudes. There are only 600 to 800 cases a year. He’s either worked with the vineyards or discovered then, and they define the meaning and providence of the wine grapes growing, with lots of wine words to follow about its importance. Kerry brings in many great details of winemaking techniques; all of his passions are set into motion, including his legacy.


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