This is the fourth annual wine label competition for the Georges Duboeuf winery, in Beaujolais, France. It’s wonderful that winner Maeve Croghan is currently living and working in the Mendocino, California area, where she teaches and exhibits…  She’s almost a neighbor to my Geyserville location, which means I’ll get to visit with her in the future. (I’m pretty excited.)

[PHOTO used with permission of Maeve Croghan. I like to think of this one as “When the artist is the art…”]

From Maeve’s Website:

Maeve Croghan’s innovative interpretations of the nature painting genre have gained her much acclaim. Maeve grew up living every summer on a remote island in Northern Michigan. Here she developed a deep reverence for the lakes, woods, the surrounding lands and nature. When Maeve first visited California many years ago, she was overwhelmed by the magnificence of California’s natural beauty.  She paints from a deep spiritual connection to the environment. Her love of the land is understood in her color-filled paintings.

Maeve’s oil paintings are begun outside. She intensely observes the environment, becoming immersed in it as she paints. The paintings are finished in the studio from her memory and personal exploration and interpretation, without photo references.

Maeve has been painting since she was 15. She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute [BFA program] for many years, as well as Reed College, the Portland Museum Art School, and the Corcoran School of Art.  She has a BA from New College of California in ‘Art and Education’ focusing on Art and Social Change.

This year had a record number of submissions and votes… It’s growing in popularity and why not? The Georges Duboeuf Hameau du Vin Museum holds so much impressive art and artifacts dating way back in history… This new art is a continuation of their commitment to art, as artists and lovers of art looking forward to the contest each year.

Press Release

NAPA, CA (June 11, 2020) — Georges Duboeuf’s highly-anticipated competition to find the best original artwork for the U.S. label of its Beaujolais Nouveau concluded with a record-breaking number of submissions and votes. In its fourth year, the online contest received more than 1,000 entries from emerging artists and an impressive 10,000 votes from art lovers across the country.

The winner is Maeve Croghan, a Virginia native who lives and works in the Mendocino, CA area. She will receive a cash grant and the honor of having her work debuted on over one million bottles of Duboeuf’s 2020 Beaujolais Nouveau, Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau and Beaujolais Nouveau Rosé, when the wines are released on the third Thursday of November this year (November 19, 2020).

“In a time where there is so much uncertainty, I cannot express how elated and thankful I am for this opportunity,” says Croghan. “It is an amazing feeling to have my work recognized by such a remarkable brand as Georges Duboeuf.” Maeve’s winning painting, Russett Vines, evokes a sense of timeless appreciation and connection to nature and the vines that give birth to the annual harvest. Using vibrant hues of gold, orange, and reds, “I wanted to relay a feeling of warmth and happiness, bringing attention to the beauty and splendor of the vines,” explains Croghan.

“Our family has long appreciated and valued the talents of local arts and artisans,” comments Franck Duboeuf, CEO of Les Vins Georges Duboeuf. “This contest is a continuation of that legacy and history of how art pairs so beautifully with wine.”

The annual Georges Duboeuf Artist Label Competition has grown exponentially year after year to support emerging artists in communities across the country. With over 10,000 total votes and thousands of likes and comments on social media, the 2020 competition saw the highest level of engagement yet.

Entries were submitted online via the competition’s website and 14 were selected as finalists by a combination of public vote and input from a panel of winery representatives and art experts. The finalists were announced on April 17, followed by a two-week period of public voting via the website and Social Media. Finalists were invited to share their submissions on their own accounts, finding support from fellow artists, friends, and family.

“We’re thrilled to see that the label contest continues to grow in popularity as it becomes something that artists and consumers look forward to each year,” explains Dennis Kreps, co-owner with his father, Stephen D. Kreps, of Quintessential, the exclusive importer of Les Vins Georges Duboeuf in the US. “The high levels of engagement and activity we received this year have provided our audience with a creative outlet to enjoy and celebrate at a time when we need it most.”

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