New Air meets old air, in this charming farmhouse, built in 1910. There’s a sense of renewed spirit passing through. Old houses can hold such historical charm and a lingering culture of the times that each family has lived there, along the way. Around the homes are treasures of the past, with elements of metal, wood, large trees, and birds flittering through overhead branches. Imagine one of these treasured locations, when just starting a new family.

This is one place where I have respites with my family ~ one of those historical, neighborhood addresses now part of our family, while also adding to its history… as the Moore Love Farm.

The old rusty wagon frame greets everyone. How many people has it welcomed in the past? When did it arrive? Who did it carry over? From where did the original owners begin their journey?

Our family came from Maine to California:

  • Four people, each with two large bags and two smaller carry-ons.
  • Three cats and their crates.
  • A black lab and his crate.
  • Moving truck arrived days later.

I can’t even imagine how these brave souls gave up everything, wagons-ho! Honestly, the frames of these wagons were larger than life in movies of the old west. Now, I look at its tiny frame and wonder how the heck did anyone do that, as this art imitates history or is history imitating art?


I like the Feng Shui of this little farmhouse and its surrounding gardens. It’s filled with love from the family within, and that love extends to the many animals and plants that are at home on the property, including backyard hens, rabbits, two dogs, a cat, and an ever growing succulent collection. There’s room for kids to play, ride bikes, and run, and yet, it’s tucked away right in the middle of a suburban community.

From my daughter, Lyla: “Whether we’re entertaining or enjoying family time outdoors, the NewAir beverage refrigerator will add a very fun element, along with the pizza oven, and hot tub. This is the epitome of Northern California outdoor living.”

Jamal and Lyla have given Jose and me two beautiful grandsons to love, the family has security and comfort; and they continue to fantasize that one day Jose and I will have a permanent residence with them. It’s lovely of them.

Jamal is an incredibly generous person. Since the day we met, nothing has changed in that regard. I decided to turn the tables on him, and doing some forward-thinking here. I have the opportunity to sample a 24-inch NewAir beverage refrigerator, that will hold 18 bottles and 58 cans. I believe we’re going to need that much space for beverages for the day this ole hen comes home to roost.

As it arrived, it had a feel for the upgraded party center. We all love being out of doors. Jamal is having protection built around this space, in some already ongoing renovations. It also arrived before late spring, so it’s just settling in and outside is continuing to develop. When it arrived, Jamal said. “I had no idea it was going to be so … choked… very special.” Yes, Jamal it is.

 NewAir 24” Premium Built-in Dual Zone in the Backyard

This is not my first NewAir fridge, so I’m excited about the benefits of having some fun options. LED blue lights can be very sexy in the dark of night. (Why else would they be there?)

I’ve sat for hours in this backyard in celebrations, since the day of settling in, with family and friends. This entertainment fridge can handle all of the storage we need for any gatherings. Time is of the essence when putting parties together, right? He can stash the canned beverages in the fridge, while I stash some wine bottles.


  • Two cooling zones, separated by very cool French doors, so both wine and carbonated drinks are cooled to perfect temps.
  • It’s complete with premium finishes: seamless stainless-steel door frame, craftsman beech wood wine shelves, and an attractive blue LED light.
  • Build it into your cabinetry for a sophisticated, or – as in this case – a perfect spot for storing, and yet visually beautifuy=ul for those who spy it.
  • This is a perfect fridge for anyone wanting to have a variety of beverages, from wine to bee, to sodas to spritzers. 
  • The unit locks, so it’s not accessible for children.
  • This unit also had a “door open” alarm, which starts beeping if one of the doors is left open for more than 3 minutes.

I shared my NewAir! Now you can, too, if you’re so inclined. NewAir has given people who would like to purchase this wine fridge a 15 percent discount with the code: JO_DIAZ.  What’s not to love!

The product details: Model: AWB-400DB | UPC: 853138006686

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