Kerry Damskey talked about his first adventure into Costa Rica in Episode 4, with his new partner and friend Niv Benyehuda. Together they create Nana.

SIDEBAR FROM NIV’S WEBSITE: Niv, married to Costa Rican artist, Karen Retana Benyehuda, and father of Lee, Ben, and Dean grew up on the gentle shores of the warm Mediterranean Sea. Born in Israel in 1966, Niv is a second generation in the flavor and fragrance industry. He spent much time with his father Israel Benyehuda, who exposed him to the various cultures, smells, and flavors worldwide, which Niv enthusiastically embraced.

In Episode 5, Kerry returns with Niv, to Isreal. Off on another adventure and discoveries, with the same, extreme success of a snowball going down an extremely vertical mountainside, characteristically chuckling and digging in all way.

By now, we’ll all know that Kerry’s excitable joy with life has had everything to do with his global success and explorations. By now, you realize he’s asked himself more than once,  “Can wine grapes actually grow here? And, if so, how?”

[PHOTO: jkuma ~ Rocky hills of the Negev Desert in Israel early in the morning.]

Kerry brings a fresh pair of eyes to Israel’s Negev Desert… halfway between Telaviv and The Red Sea… The partnership develops in adventurous, winding wine, high desert ways, as Kerry falls in love, again with this Nana chapter.

In this Chapter, Kerry now introduces Eran “Nana” Raz – viticulturist and owner of Nana Estate Mitzpe Ramon.