A piece of my heart was deliberately left in Chianti Country, during a visit to Tuscany, with the Bluest Sky Import Group. A life-altering education, every time I’ve headed out to “be there,” smell the terroir, feel the earth, see the vines, taste the wines, and ask questions (even if some sound like I just got off the boat). These experiences allow me to now be more curious when a wine arrives, for my thoughts. This Chianti 2018 DOCG Renzo Masi & C. Rufina, Italy is from a region I’ve visited (Tuscany); so it’s a bit poignant.

Why? I could live in Italy, so it really pulls at my heartstrings, each time there’s a physical connection, like wine or images.

I visited Castello di Meleto, Gaiole in Chianti, Tuscany, my host. And now I’m exploring, from my armchair, Chianti 2018 DOCG Renzo Masi & C. Rufina, Italy. Cork was pulled, lovely aromas wafted into the air, glass was poured, I tasted the wine and Chianti came rushing back. Our noses and taste buds have memories. We just have to close our eyes and be transported back to another paradise. In this case, Florence Tuscany. A bit north of where I was, but only by 45 miles.

Italian wines are so well suited for anything involving veggies in broth, beans, cheese, and some bread… We had this 2018 Renzo Masi & C. Rufina with pizza. It was perfectly delicious.

I’d also suggest a Simple Ribollita, like this one pictured ABOVE. [PHOTO: purchased]

[WINE PHOTO: Jose Diaz, josediaphotos]

Dry cherries, lots of fruit, easy finish. It tastes like a home’s everyday wine; one to just have around for fitting in perfectly with anything Italian. This wine doesn’t have a big, tannic structure for laying down for years. It’s very drinkable for now, but you could stash a few in your wine cellar for the next Italian meal, too; but they won’t last long. They’re simply that delicious.

Find your local wine shop with a good selection of Italian Imports, and go get it. If it’s not there, ask for it. When in sales, I learned that some wine merchants keep a list in the backroom of wines requested by partons. When the wine reps show up, the buyers have a tendency – if there’s space on their shelved (vintages do run out, you know) – they’ll find another brand. H.B. Wine Imports helps this winery to have shelf space in this category. It’s three days later since the wine was opened and first tasted. I’m still loving the light, ethereal structure and flavors.

WINERY:  MASI RENZO & C. SAS FATTORIA DI BASCIANO ~ Viale Duca della Vittoria, 159 ~ 50068 RUFINA (FIRENZE) Tuscany – Italy

FROM THEIR WEBSITE: MASI FAMILY, from the winery: The Masi family has been making wine for three generations. From the beginning until now, the leading philosophy, which has distinguished our work, has always been the same: producing wines with an excellent quality/price relationship. To obtain this, year after year we have searched for and selected the producers who can guarantee a constant high-standard quality level, and we have created a long-term relationship of cooperation with them, including our consultation on how to manage the vineyard, with the aim of reaching the highest quality.

About our work, we have been said: “The role of the négoçiant is scarcely understood in Italy (…). Yet the activity needs to be done well. And a family interpreting this job with ability is Masi of Rufina, with the father Renzo and the son Paolo, graduated agronomist in Florence.” (Daniel Thomases, I VINI DI TOSCANA).

At present, we produce two white wines, a rosé, three red wines, a Chianti Riserva and a blend between Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon, aged in oak barrels, all by using grapes and wines coming from the area of Rufina and its surroundings (except for the Valdichiana Bianco Vergine).

Based in the Rufino region, here’s a flavor of their terroir’s culture…


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