[PHOTO: Kerry Damskey’s image of the Costa Rica property.]

Kerry Damskey is the proprietor of Terriors, Inc., which couldn’t be a more appropriate name for what he’s doing. From his Website declaration:

With over 30 years experience, Kerry Damskey has created the first fully integrated and holistic wine consulting team in the wine business, applying the concept of terroir to his all-inclusive, artful approach to winemaking.

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Now we have Episode 4 – Kerry Damskey – Winemaking in Costa Rica

In his arm chair setting and with his jovial voice, Kerry Damskey continues to take us on another segment of his winemaking career. India had a very unusual way of seguing right into Costa Rica. Yes, Central America’s Costa Rica, where no grape vines had ever been planted before. It reminds us that this was the same scenario in India… Kerry mentions that he’s a Go-To consultant for – quoting him – “weird ass places, making wine where no one has ever made wine” before.

He brings an important partner, and now good friend, Niv Benyehuda into the picture, calling him the mastermind of this project in Costa Rica. Nana Beny became the on-site winemaker in Costa Rica, with Kerry being the consultant for making this all happen. Niv Ben-Yehuda has a tremendous business background and the resources to make his dreams a reality… Including viticulture and winemaking in Costa Rica.

As it happened and out of the blue, Niv just gave Kerry a call, they met a few days later. Kerry Damskey decided he’d love to help him make his dream a reality. Within two months, Kerry was on his way to Costa Rica. He found a couple of unusual feature (for him) of being so close to the equator with grape vines:

  • They’re invigorating (they don’t go dormant, presenting challenges that had to be overcome
  • And, it rains 120 inches of rain a year, which is a tremendous amount of moisture to work with


He’ll tell you all about it in another interesting quick video, in this latest Episode of Kerry Damskey’s exciting career, when you listen to this frontier man of winemaking talking candidly about his next adventure… Going from working in India to working in Costa Rica…

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Special thank you to Wine Industry Insight for also publishing this story.