While I live in Sonoma County, definitely one of God’s own Gardens of Eden, it’s nevertheless part of the pandemic. Trying to find one’s groove might be difficult, because the situation is so pervasive. Even inspiration for writing is wanting inside of my head. Fortunately, I have editing work to do for clients, so I do more than just watch the boob tube and wonder during the day. I focus on helping others to be as precise as they can be, in their written materials. Editing for others is a breeze and keeps me on my toes, as the Gregg Reference Manual goes. So, I’m moving forward, but – like everyone else – I really need some extra-inspiring distractions.

How do I find comfort in the best places these days, besides wine? Easy… Through social media breaks…

Social media saves the day for many of us, and I’ve discovered a real treasure. This led me to writing about an inspiration for adaptation, because it’s the best method for success, due to its innocence. Start from the heart, and the world will follow. Wine companies can also learn from this marketer. He demonstrates, if we give our hearts away, good karma returns in kind… Proven by numbers in a very short amount of time.


My example’s name is Sebastien Andres, known as SEBSAX. Sebastien is an international performer, who is living the dream in Sète, France. From there to Sonoma County, actually anywhere in the world, we’re now all connected.

QUICK GEOGRAPHY from Google: Sète is a major port city in the southeast French region of Occitanie. It’s bordered by the Étang de Thau, a biodiverse saltwater lagoon. Across a narrow isthmus, Sète’s Mediterranean coast is lined with sandy beaches. The top of Mont St Clair offers views of the city, known as “Venice of the Languedoc” for its canal network. The Musée Paul Valéry has displays on the history of Sète, plus an art collection.

Sebastien is quickly increasing his fan base as an international saxophonist, pied piper, during this pandemic, in rapid form. While his background is in music, he also is a marketer. So, like the rest of us, some of his future business is on hold, while his personal brand is quickly expanding, by an adaptable, ingenious move, even in the rain…

SEBSAX’s business of music for weddings, corporate events, concerts, and festivals, is now all on hold, with a stay-at-home family to care for. Sebastien’s world performances include: his how country France, Italy, England, Spain, Dominican Republic, Reunion Island, Thailand, Croatia, Russia, Belgium, and Morocco.

His Medium is Music ~ Building His Brand One Fan at a Time

Music, the language of the soul, needs no words to be totally understood, kinda like wine, right? You hear it (or taste it) and it speaks to you. Just listen to a drum for a couple of minutes and your body want to move in that direction. Sebastian is performing his saxophone craft to what would appear to be a very small audience; his neighborhood from his balcony. Being an international star, it’s perhaps a very small audiences right now; while in reality, it’s definitely one of the largest and growing, as a solo performer, given his social media numbers.

Imagine being scheduled to be on tour, somewhere in the world, but now you’re living your life during a pandemic in an apartment with a small family. How do you adapt? This is something we’re all trying to do. How Sebastien is doing it is just perfect.

Using his saxophone, his balcony, and a consistent time of day (just before his dinner in the evening – 7:30 p.m. in France and 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time), Sebastien Andres preforms for his neighbors, which now includes a daily arrival of his local police. They seems to just be making sure cars keep going, (and perhaps it’s also to have a musical interlude, during their daily sweep of making sure everyone is safe).

So, I started to analyze his daily numbers, from when he began nearly a month ago:

  • MARCH 21: 251 likes, 32 Comments, 4 Shares, 0 Views.
  • APRIL 19: 581 likes, 187 Comments, 247 Shares, and 5.2K Views.  LINK to his daily concert

No gimmicks, no agenda except to entertain, and just pure musical joy; nothing expected in return. The steps of any successful marketing plan, beginning with the concept.

Two choices: sit in front of social media, or be on social media We just have to arrange it.

This is one example that’s worth sharing internationally and not just on Facebook. Sharing right here on my own publishing platform, because this is a classic example of expanding one’s own base, in rapid time. The rick it to find out what they want. In a time of restriction, this is seeing the glass half full, taking advantage of it, giving of a talent without figuring out how to make a living, just having a living. We can all learn a lesson from this adaptation. Adapt, or become inconsequential, seriously.

My Daily Dose of Joy Link ~ SEBSAX

My easiest moment each day is when Sebastien is performing live. I can’t even remember now through which channel I found him. But, I did, and I became immediately hooked. Having spent 11 years in rock radio (as a publicist, hanging with the big dawgs) was a regular occurrence. I have to admit, I do miss it. When people ask me about it, I say, “I got to hang out with and photograph everyone from Aerosmith, to Tina, to ZZ Top.” So, yeah I miss those good times, but I decided to segue into wine. To find someone so talented and accessible, I’m transfixed. Everyday, just about 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time, Sebastien serenades his neighborhood, which is now global, through social media.

It begins with a homemade sign, “Suivez notre papa sur Instagram. Saxophonist Sebsax” (Follow our dad on Instagram. Saxophonist Sebsax). And, so it begins.