From a time of great success, in his 40’s, Kerry Damskey hit his own personal ceiling goals, as a winemaker and then as a consultant. For some, it’s called a mid-life crisis. For others, it’s a time to further bloom, and that what happens next. (Consider, Robert Mondavi started Robert Mondavi in his 50s, for instance. For Kerry… he’ll tell you all about it.

Imagine being innovative, having that daring joie de vivre, plus the feeling that a radical change could be successful, just not knowing why or how. Kerry’s instinct had him reach outside of his comfort zone, to a country that was only growing table grapes at the time, and yet he wanted to grow wine grapes there. This would fundamentally change an entire country and its culture, if he was successful. At the time, India had no wine culture and he was ready to travel somewhere exotic… Were they ready for him? Kerry tells of faxes going back and forth… remember those days of faxes?

Kerry Damskey Was on the Move

In 1995, he did his first project in India. He’ll tell you about it.

He then got connected to a Stanford grad who wanted to make wine with him. His name is Rajeev Samant, and he became Kerry’s intern. Today’s Rajeev is CEO, of Sula Vineyards, which is producing 1,000,000 cases today. Right, but… Kerry’s only just begun.

In this video, Kerry Damskey explains about the Indian notch on his winemaking belt.