Meeting Kerry Damskey, in this quick video series, begins the process of peeling away successful layers of what it takes to become an international, winemaking star, who’s successfully accomplished this particular pursuit. It is a calling, and it’s quite unique, with the people involved being very much adaptable. While using both sides of their brains (scientific and artistic/humanities), they accomplish what some will find utterly fascinating. (Kerry tells a good story, too.)

He’s diverse, complicated, and a jovial man. Kerry’s a classic example of what it takes, and what it’s like, to be making wine in places you and I haven’t even thought there might possibly be grape vines.

Sitting with Kerry, my partner Jose Diaz and I captured the heart and soul of an amazing, global winemaker. And so it begins… A great sense of humor, a statesman, and one heck of a winemaker… Kerry Damskey of Terroirs Artisan Wines. (Contact: Terroirs INC: Damskey and Associates. 707-857-1890/ 707-972-8364)



Years ago, I was Charles Creek Winery’s publicist. It now no longer exists, yet memories still do. A great memory of that time was working with their winemaker Kerry Damskey. Kerry was still working pretty much exclusively in California. That was from 2002 to maybe 2010-12?  The first vintage that went to the Sonoma County Fair for Charles Creek’s  Sonoma Chardonnay in the wine competition, took a gold medal; and, so did just about everything else following Kerry’s and my foray into helping Charles Creek market their wines. They won everything, including Best of Class, Double Golds, blah-blah-blah, you get it, right? Mentions in Parker’s newsletter, Spectator, Enthusiast, and Wine & Spirits.  It was an instant winner from our guy Kerry, with the Midas Touch.

Kerry was on a roll with great balance and outstanding flavors. He made me look good, quite honestly. I knew where wine should go and William (Bill) and Jerry Brinton trusted me. And my connections were equally generous in their evaluations. Those times were great, as was the wine. The Brintons sold their winery, as many do, and we’ve all just continued on. This kind of diverse growth does put one into international experiences, and Kerry’s evolutionary opportunities are the ones that fills his cornucopia’s depth and width.

Winemaker Kerry Damskey has had one opportunity after another come him, and the proclivity of his growth has been of that international calling. He still, of course, has US connections; still, word has definitely spread about Kerry’s international talents, in the most wonderful of ways.

I’m not going to timeline it for you, except to tell you these are quick episodes, about his place in the world where its terroir and what wines work best; along with new, incredible people along the way. At least six episodes, possibly more. Perhaps when it’s completed it can also be joined, by our Diaz Communications engineer Jose Diaz, for a perfect tour of Kerry’s 2020 projects. For now, they’re quick fireside chats that we produced. Each segment takes you somewhere in Kerry’s world. In my humble opinion, this is one great, funny, inventive, talented, and personable guy, you’d enjoy knowing.

Kerry Damskey the Star ~ Sit Back & Enjoy

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