Making lemonade from lemons, during Covin-19…

This may be a state by state legalization issue. In North Carolina, Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery is now offering this way of purchasing wine. It does put cars on the road, so there may even be road blocks along the way to consider, as you try to argue “necessity.” You could have it shipped, right?


This is an example of “how-the-heck are we going to stay in business?”

I’m neither advocating for nor disparaging this practice: Personally, I’m only out the door for grocery shopping. Professionally, I make trips to the Post Office. These two activities are combined in one trip.

I also have all of the wine I need for a good amount of time. Since some people have their glass of wine a day for good health benefits, I can understand running out makes for a sad time. It’s like when you forget to take your vitamins, right?

How It Works for Raggadlini

“While our Villa tasting room remains closed to the public for the safety of our employees, customers, and community, we are proud to offer contactless curbside pickup daily from 12pm-4pm. Our staff is ready to help you pick out the perfect wines and pack up your orders for you or as a gift for friends and loved ones.”

Ready for Pickup

“Log on to or give us a call at 336.835.9463 to place your order. Drive up and park in the loading zone by the Villa and let us know you have arrived. An associate will bring your order outside and leave it for you on the designated pick up table.

“Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to answer any questions about our products and take and package your order for contactless pickup or shipping. You can choose to pickup any purchased items curbside at the vineyard, or any order of 6 bottles, or more ships free, with the code ‘MARCHFREE.'”