I first became aware of Tim Hanni, while producing the Petite Sirah symposium (from 2002, until 2013). Tim was recommended to me as a guest speaker, by Patricia Schneider. It was then that I learned he was a wine educator. He was living in California at the time. Since then, he’s moved to Bend, Oregon, and has become very active there, as well as still being active in Napa, California.

Tim’s internationally known as a flavor expert. He’s a professionally-trained chef, and one of the first two resident Americans to successfully complete the Master of Wine examination. He’s also a Certified Wine Educator, accredited by the Society of Wine Educators. And has literally written the book on Wine Consumer Preferences. So, let’s just say, he knows flavors and he knows how to blend them, with two solid careers credentials in both food and wine education.

Here we both are, as we’ve morphed into the wine business. There are courses for doing everything in the wine business, with one loophole. How do we navigate through the internal details for the successful profitability of this business?  You can do what I did… the hard way… 60 college units later, plus 28-years’ experience in the wine business. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, along comes something else… Evolution is inevitable.

From Tim Hanni, and Head’s up OREGONIANS:

We’re really excited, given there are really no courses like this and the need is so great – from newbies to current winery and wine business owners. We’ve had over 1,000 students go through this, over the past decade, via Sonoma State University, Washington State, and the Napa Valley Wine Academy. And the program in Oregon, with the Oregon Wine Board, is bringing the financial workbooks free to all wineries in Oregon through a grant that they applied for and received!

Tim also has a page with all of the tutorials, from their financial workbooks, providing details for each of the workbooks, if you’d like to take a look.

If anyone is even thinking about getting into the wine business, and saving precious time of experiential leaning, or doing it by taking a masters’ degree program, I highly recommend that you take advantage now of Tim Hanni’s Wine Business Education course via the Internet. It reminds me of what I learned through Transcendental Meditation.

You can either run around all day with arrows, looking for a target; or, you can take 20 minutes, let your mind go into the “shirim” world, and come out energized, focused, and with a bow to go with your arrows, in your hands, to hit your bullseye. (Yes, it will take more than 20 minutes, but you get the point, right?)

Finally, an online course that explains it all! From Tim Hanni’s public information.



Welcome to WineBusinessEducation.com

First-of-its-kind education platform

specific to the Business of Wine

Brought to you by Tim Hanni – America’s first Master of Wine, keynote speaker, wine educator, and author of the book on wine consumer preferences.

We’re proud to announce the launch of our Business of Wine online/on-demand course and easy-to-use financial calculators. After 30 years of course development, 10 years of teaching, and a furious final year of development, our workbooks and Business of Wine course is available to the wine trade and public, just launched.

Use our tools to get ahead with a master’s program in the wine business, and use our financial calculators to determine your cost of goods, sales & marketing, production, vineyard and tasting room profitability metrics.

We also have a set of “tutorials” for all of the WBE Financial Calculator.

The financial workbooks enable a thorough examination of costs within a specific segment of a winery’s particular operations including:

  • Winery Cost of Goods Workbook
  • Wine Pricing Calculator
  • Vineyard P&L and Cash Flow Workbook
  • Tasting Room Profitability Calculator
  • Marketing, Sales and Portfolio Management Workbook
  • Blending Profitability Workbook

An endorsement by Bree Boskov, MW, Oregon Wine Board Education Manager: The WBE profit planners are important tools for winegrowers and producers in understanding their production costs and sales channel margins, essential to the success of their wine business.”  

The cost of the complete course is $475, which includes a one-year subscription to course content and wine financial calculators. The cost of the wine financial calculators alone is $360 per year. These calculators are being used by wine programs including Washington State, Michigan State University, Napa Valley Wine Academy and Sonoma State University, as well as the Oregon Wine Board.

More information can be found at WineBusinessEducation.com.