Going into this holiday season, I’m incredibly thankful for a product I was queried about trying. It turned out to be an amazing saving grace, besides providing the ability to age our wines and chill beer and other beverages in perfect settings…

From the Department of you never know…

In early October, I was queried by New Air, to see if I’d be interested in accepting and reviewing a new wine and other beverages refrigerator. Enjoying the warm October days – sorta, we now had our minds set on the October dial, in Sonoma County – I thought “Sure. I can meet a commitment with this one.” Things has slowed down a bit.

Never, in my wildest imagination, did I see what was coming, besides the fabulous NewAir24inch Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Fridge.

It became our Savings Grace

Arriving just a few days later, we worked on finding just the right spot in our dining room. A perfect fit, by all accounts. I moved it in, and voila! Lights, camera, and action! This was a great new addition!

It hummed along, for a week, then at 1:30 a.m. on October 24, we were roused and on the road again. In 2017, this was also our scenario… to look out our back door and see the hills ablaze. The Kincade Fire was now really burning just miles from here. The plume I saw that morning was massive and frightening. This was not good and we had to get out – NOW. We did, twice evacuated from one place to the next. Always through the grace of God and really good people, we were ushered along until we could return on November 1.

And then the work began…

When our electricity was turned back on and we were allowed to go home from evacuations, we returned to a mess. Leaves scattered everywhere, branches down, dust, ash, smoke residuals. We also had to face the dreaded refrigerator… Over 12 days of no electricity. It had been turned off the couple of day before the fire even began, and remained off for a bit when we returned…

Two days of emptying, cleaning, sterilizing, scrubbing, etc., of our refrigerator and freezer was exhausting. In the interim, we brought foods home to cook and eat, and we also needed to store it…

Once the electricity was turned back on again, out of the blue (from the fridges lights, perhaps), Jose realized we’ve GOT an unlikely fridge option. “Why not use the New Air?”

Because this fridge has a built-in Dual Zone for 20 bottles and a 70 wine and/or beer, this beverage fridge turned into enough space for how we segued from not having anything to keep new foods coming into our home for the next week, into our “pet refrigerator,” in the interim.

As I said to a group of firemen, after we were returned home and I had thanked them as they were heading out again… when asked if there was anything else they could do to help me, I said, “I wish I could have had all of you to help us clean out our refrigerator/freezer.”  Let’s just say, food in a closed refrigerator, not plugged into a cooling source, 10-11 days later… Yeah, you don’t want to go there any time soon. But, we all did have a good laugh at the prospect of them helping with the crud.

It took nearly a week before I wanted anything to go back into our refrigerator. The aromas had to be absorbed… Thanks, Arm & Hammer. And, we kept food really well, until we segued back into normalcy with our refrigerator, with the ability to store foods in the New Air. Seriously, what a miracle. I’d never have seen this one coming, and am so thankful for an unexpected use during a crisis, of a product that I can enjoy as intended.


NewAir AWB-400DB Dual Zone

Wine and Beverage Fridge

is The Most Exciting Wine and Beer Fridge I’ve ever had

Yes, I’m fresh off a crisis; but, I also know that if I went out to buy a wine fridge, I’d take a hefty look at this one.

How do I know that? Well, I’m just back from a week in Montana and Idaho Falls. It was there I saw another 24 inch wine refrigerator. It fit perfectly at the end of the friend’s newly installed kitchen island. Knowing what a great kitchen resource it is to have one, I immediately bonded.

This is a great holiday gift to give someone who loves beverages and entertaining…  It’s one thing to have beverages, it’s another to conveniently store them all in one location… Your bar fridge. This New Air 24-inch fridge has depth, and space to tuck back quite a bit. Space enough to store up for a party: bottles of wine,  cans of beer, soda, juices of all kinds. Throw in a couple of Champagnes and this fridge will rock your holidays.

#Sample from NewAir. If you buy it from them, they will work out a monthly payment plan, by the way. It’s on sale right now. I was just on their website. Model: AWB-400DB


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