Once upon a time, I was an artist.  Making very intricate jewelry. When it came time to sell it, I fell short of being able to say, “Isn’t that just beautiful! It would look so GREAT on you.”

I just couldn’t do it. “Buy it or not, it’s your decision; it will find a home.”

That’s also when I realized I could easily cheerlead for others (PR is my calling), but not for any of my own work… How can one judge one’s own work and then really brag about it, unless there’s that bit of narcissism in one’s DNA? (Maybe I have a smidge?)

So, I think this is the fourth email I’ve received from Lisa, and just ignored them, until right now for the above reason ~ How would I do that?

It took a while to find some sense in it; and, then I found an easy way. Some people do like wine blogs and will vote for them. Readers might like to know about their friends on this very formidable list, each of the blogs are fascinating reading, after reviewing them. So more blog options for you, Dear Reader, related to wine).



We recently sent you an email detailing your nomination for Best Wine Blogs Award 2019.

We remain interested in having you as one of our nominees. As such, we would like to confirm if you are still interested in being a participant.

The prize pool worth €300 [$336.77 United States Dollars] will be given away to those who receive the highest amounts of votes on a percentage basis.

Every vote will be counted to ensure that the participants will receive the prize money that they have earned.

Deadline for voting is at 12:00 PM on 3rd of Oct. 2019.

Your participation simply involves you helping to spread awareness of the award by mentioning it in your blog in any way you see fit.

For your choice of banner, you can visit: https://tab.do/fr-ci/banners/banners-for-best-wine-blogs-award-2019

To confirm your participation, please respond via this email. In the event that you are unable to participate this time, we would like to extend you an invitation to join future awards.

Thank you for your time.



Wine Blog

One of the best wine blogs out there, wine-blog.org is worth checking out thanks to the comprehensive and exceptional contents available in it. You’re going to benefit most from contents like “Are wines really seasonal or reasonable, while an equator separates all of it,” “Misleading Move to Monetize Historic Legacy in the Famed Napa Valley?,” “He Asked, What Do You Think… Will CBD Be cutting Into Wine Sales?,” and “Georges Duboeuf’s Beaujolais Nouveau Label Design Now Goes Public.” You check the site out for more of such contents.



This list of talented wine writers is seriously amazing, and you may want to become familiar with their work, too.