Wine novels have been coming my way. Dick Rosano – one of my wine writing friends – has been my point of reference for wine novels, since 2012. Most books I receive as sample reading are not really found in the fantasy department; they’re purposefully educational. What seems to be happening, from my observations for this year, is that more very talented writers and journalists have hit their stride. What they’ve learned along the way has been enough to fill a novel, so they’ve done just that… and the influx of wine novels in 2019 seems astounding.

My foray into wine novels was lukewarm, I must admit. I wanted substance; the guts and the glory of all things wine, not someone’s imaginings. I did, however trepidatiously, accept my first wine novel. It totally led me along a new path of enjoyment, and meeting some very clever and funny people in the process…

True confessions:

  1. Wine novels are a breath of fresh air
  2. My snobbery toward them, before reading one, was completely that… just snobbery

People within the wine business learn so much every day, from each new petal of the ever opening, wine business lotus… Novels are a welcomed escape hatch; for not only the authors, but also for the readers. These authors take their areas of expertise, and turn them into what seems at first, light learning; but, if that were truly so, why I bother to furiously take notes?

If you click on any of the following links, more details will be found.

Here’s a wine novel list, if there ever was one.

The Charlemagne Connection, by Novelist R.M. Cartmel

The Richebourg Affair, by Novelist R.M. Cartmel

Red Mountain ~ A Novel ~ Boo Walker

White with Fish, Red with Murder ~ a novel by Harley Mazuk

Peter Stafford-Bow ~ debut novel, entitled “Corkscrew – the highly improbable”

Brut Force follows Corkscrew in Rollicking Hilarity, Outlandish Intrigue, and rooting for Felix Hart, Again

It All Begins in The Vineyard with “Root Cause”

Antoine Laurain’s Vintage 1954… It Was An Intriguing Year

Cucina Tipica by Andrew Cotto ~ When you’ve been in Italy, books help the cultural return