The year 2018 was very relevant to me. I had a life changing experience, most especially as it related to 1925. I took social media to a new experimental level. It has changed my life.


Asked in April if I missed my old way of posting, I quickly said, “No.” (Absolutely not, because I surely did put a positive, life-altering twist on it.)

10 Most Important Things I’ve learned after focusing and… Only Posting Once a Day on Facebook for a Year ~ A Line A Day

  1. I learned whom, among my friends, also loves history.
  2. People really responded well to having a respite from the daily grind, because I read it very frequently.
  3. By day-7, since she never signed her diary with a point of reference (regrettably), I realized her name could simply be Alinea Day.
  4. Went deeper into developing existing relationships, though commenting on anyone who had taken the time to read A
    1. In the process, those relationships became much more meaningful.
    2. If I couldn’t find a new post by anyone – many don’t published every day – I then dug around in their photos… each still are worth a thousand words.
    3. Taking the time to learn a lot more about my friends made their lives matter so more more. People with whom I checked in daily, or just occasionally, I grew to know my neighborhood. HERE<DIV
  5. Jargon of 1925
      1. Horse related
        1. Shoe boil
        2. Wagon Shoe
        3. I stopped making a list, but I may read her diary again and update at that time.
      2. “Carried Aunt M.s oil stove down to her.” – Wagons carried, Trucks deliver
      3. Went to pictures (movies)
      4. “Coming down with grippe, I guess.”
      5. Made a pair of bloomers.
      6. New words/concepts
        1. Parure
        2. Painted floors
  6. Things long gone
    1. Prefatory, now simply called preface
    2. Wooden spools – all sewing concepts
    3. Surviving on horses for transportation for all daily functions.
    4. Alinea Day sewed a lot of slips, among other clothing items.
    5. Replacing a sleigh for a wagon, once slow was over; and, vice versa once snow arrived – store the wagon, bring out the sleigh.
  7. I had to REALLY restrain myself from posting occasional epiphanies that had no where to go. Examples:
    1. Why do people always say, Not to mentions, but then go on to mention it?
    2. That SUPER moment I had with my 4 year old grandson, who – after his bath, I helped from the bath water and wrapped him in a towel… He said, Can you carry me onto your bed, so I can get dresses and watch a move: “Yes, Max, I’ll carry you to my bed, but this is going to be the last time, since you’re now so heavy…” And later that evening, I danced out the strain…
    3. When did everything become a price point, instead of just a price? Who really  needs the point? Isn’t the point the price?
    4. The more you buy the more you saveSay what? The more I buy, the more I spend… Com’mon, who do you really think we are?
    5. As I drove past a field of horses in my neighborhood, and saw one of the horses fully endowed, I thought, “If some human men are circumcised, why not male horses?”
    6. As regards Bird Brain
      1. SHE: Looking out toward the gold finch feeding area, at 3:00 p.m. Most of the morning thistle is just about gone for the day.
      2. HE: Enters the room and says, “Have you seen how much thistle is on the ground? It’s a huge mound. Can that be recycled? It’s such a high pile.”
      3. SHE: Who had noticed how high the pile was that very morning (16 inch peak), “Yeah I know about that pile. Look at those little gold finch hanging upside down, on the bottom and just that little piece of netting. So few of them will eat there, now, while that huge pile of thistle seeds is there right beneath them. Yeah, that’s why they’re called bird brains.”
    7. Emailing with a publisher friend, he was sad that “the new wine study certainly has made it very difficult, if not impossible, to make a positive claim about alcohol and health.
        1. My response: I wouldn’t let the alt right affect this book being published. That’s what they want… But, age does get better with wine. We sip it with delight, we know what it took to get to the point of maturity, we understand the aging process, and we marvel at the sun going down with a glass of wine in our hands. If the alt right only knew that it helps with digestion, it might cure their constipation.
  8. I found my core again. I found a common core… Could it be a trend?
    1. Joel Vincent has joined the focused brigade:”So I’ve decided to post a daily ”uplifting” story for a year. I tell my kids when they get home ”before you tell me the bad thing that happens I need you to think of a good thing, then I’ll listen.””So I’m going to hold myself to that standard.”I will tag it ”#uplifting””And I will tell you, spending 5 mins searching for something uplifting once a day feels pretty good. It’s actually not that hard…”
  9. By early December, not only was I contemplating what would happen in 2019, but others (who had also come to love Alinea) were finding it difficult to let her just simply vanish back into thin air.
    1. From my friend Terry Mcnulty: Oh, Jo. I am really going to miss these little notes from long ago. Thanks for sharing with us.
    2. Jo to Terry: What if I kept it going, which I can into 2019. All of her entries re there for next year, too. I’m conflicted. Would I drive people crazy, or would I just continue as we get to know our friend better?

My beat will go on in 2019, with some modifications. This year, I’m free to be… The following people who helped to make A Line A Day Special.

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