Oleo ~ Relieving the Strain and Burning ~ My CBD Experiment for Glaucoma

EDITED A BIT, 021219

I had been diagnosed with glaucoma about four years ago. I found it to be unimaginable, because no one in my family ever had glaucoma, and it’s hereditary. So, I pretty much ignored it, not worrying. I had had my eyes dilated for a while, when I started with a new optometrist. When I returned again, it had progressed. So, I looked up what causes glaucoma. One of the causes was a rare form that can be caused by having one’s eyes dilated. “A variety of drugs can also cause dilation of the pupil and lead to an attack of glaucoma.”

Having just delved deeper into glaucoma, I found that white females, blonde at birth, green eyes, are the most susceptible to glaucoma. Oh, great… The story of my life. Now, my ophthalmologist tells me it’s African Americans, and people of Hispanic descent. So, who knows.

My last dilation caused me to have snow blindness for an entire week… For an entire week my eyes were in crisis. Too much light was driving me mad.

Snow blindness is a painful, temporary loss of vision due to overexposure to the sun’s UV rays. The medical term for snow blindness is photokeratitis (“photo” = light; “keratitis” = inflammation of the cornea). Essentially, snow blindness is caused by a sunburned eye — or more specifically, a sunburned cornea.

Oh, great, I thought. That’s the end of that practice! Besides, it’s a practice supposed to be only used by ophthalmologists, but has been increasingly used by optometrists.

I’m very susceptible to having my eyes dilated. So, I refused to have it done last visit, then my ophthalmologist told me about a lower dose used for children. I allowed it and still had snow blindness all day, but never as bad as the entire week.

So, here I am. I’ve been taking nutrition in the hopes of reversing the damage. I know that CBD products are supposed to help glaucoma, and that’s the direction I prefer to take, rather than having more drug intervention possibly causing more damage to my eye(s).

As a wine writer, I’m occasionally queried by a companies with CBD products, since the segue is part of the natural world. This latest company is called OleoLife. Why not? I thought. I’ve been thinking about CDB to get some relief from the pressure.

The following is my journey with OleaLife. It’s worth sharing as just my own private experiment. Everyone is on his or her own journey. This is mine, just for an unscientific point of reference. Let’s see where this goes, I was thinking…

My Personal Journey and Experiment 

with Oleo Passion Fruit Rooibos Tea (Cafeine free)

It began with seeing a blue light, in my right eye, when I would newly focus on something. I looked it up… Pre-retina tear. I kept quiet about it, and upped my nutrition prescribed to me by my sister for other symptoms of other nagging this and that…. (She’s an RN and nutritionist with several, nationally credited certifications in nutrition.)

Then, for the last six months, I noticed a dotted concentric circle, broken in many places, but a couple of rings existed of those rights, most especially in my right eye, but to a lesser degree in my left. I finally told my sister about it and she got me onto some Iplex. It kept my eyes from further deterioration… They began to stabilize and then my left eye lost the one circle, the right eye lost its second ring. My right eye was healing ever so slowly. I finally got myself to my eye doctor… A new one and a female. She was very concerned and wanted me to go to an ophthalmologist. She was going to have him call me, but he never did. (I really don’t have good luck with male doctors… my whole life. Women? Just fine. Men? I have stories.)

I was aware of CBD oil; and, of course, I wondered. What if?

I was queried by Oleo to sample their products, and I had nothing to lose at this point. I accepted. The following is my journal of starting Oleo. Let’s see what happens. Let’s see if I even publish this for others with diagnosed Glaucoma.

October 19 ~ One scoop to start, even though two is recommended. I find anything I take needs to be cut into half. What’s a recommended dosage is intended for all sizes of people… from my 125 pounds to someone who could be 300 pounds. I usually end up shaking. So, lately, I’m just going to be cutting back, until I see  how I feel. I’m now almost through my cup of tea with Oleo added, and my eyes have stopped burning.

This morning, when I opened my eyes, the circular orbit of segmented white light that I pick up over the night, was only slightly visible… taking another herbal product, which does get me shaking a bit to take, even though I’ve cut that one back to half.  Let’s see where this experiment goes…

October 19 – Later in the day, the second recommended scoop.

October 20 – When I awoke in the morning, the concentric circles had diminished by a half. Could it actually be? And this swiftly? Two scoops, spaced out, again.

October 21 – When I awoke, I could only see a pinprick. I added 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric to my morning tea. Two scoops, spaced out, again.

October 22 -23 – Only a slight sliver of light was there, and faded really quickly throughout the day.

October 24 – Just a bit longer line, than the two days before, but something else quite notable was happening. I awoke this morning with my eyes tearing. Eye don’t tear with glaucoma. That’s what’s causing the pressure in one’s eyes… the fact that tears aren’t able to happen, keeping out eyes moist.

October 25 – Tears again this morning… Thanks the God of Sight in heaven. The light image? Nothing, absolutely nothing.  nothing.

  • To go from having these circles present at 11:00 a.m. in my eyes
  • Follow the journey of beginning with my RN | nutritionist, and to have the light circles fade away earlier each day
  • To have the circle in my right eye disappear completely
  • Beginning Oleo on October 19, and seeing the light slivers in my left eye beginning to fade as of October 20
  • And today being October 25 and this morning to have nothing, and natural tears…
    • My lacrimal glands are also functioning again!… Oh my Thea! The Titan Eye God in Heaven!
    • As I brush away the natural tears from my eyes, I want to force myself to cry and just cry buckets.

My one step at a time approach for the past six months has slowly been repairing my eyes. CBD powder just put it through the roof. My next step is to get a medical marijuana license. CBD just became my new best friend.

After a month, I’ll come back with how it has been going. For now, I’m aghast… with naturally tearing eyes again!

About the Company

OLEO, Inc. is a biotechnology company thoughtfully designing fast-acting, water-soluble CBD products with purpose and intention for the active lifestyle community. OLEO offers a collection of powdered beverages infused with their active ingredient OleoCBD™, including an all-natural Coconut Water Mix, an antioxidant Rooibos Tea Mix, and a flavorless CBD powder called Original Mix.  OleoCBD™ is created with a patent-pending micro-encapsulation technology that masks any bitter aftertaste and showcases its effects within 20 minutes. With a provisional patent for the powdered cannabinoid formulation method filed in 2014, OLEO, Inc. was founded quickly thereafter in 2015 and began mass-producing micro-encapsulated cannabinoids for the hemp & cannabis markets by 2017. OLEO plays a tremendous role in the advancement of cannabinoid technology, testing standards, and consumer product offerings, helping to make the cannabinoid and plant medicine industry more trusted, beneficial and approachable for all.  Further clinical study results regarding micro-encapsulation to be released in 2018 as per the OLEO team’s research influence and efforts.


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