This is worth sharing, because it’s exemplary. It demonstrates that there are those within the wine business who care deeply for the people who are also caring for their businesses.

This story celebrates Lizz Castillo, a young woman who’s worked very hard in the wine business to get where she is, and is going to be working even harder in the next chapter of her professional growth. Our vineyard directors (of one position or another) are unsung heroes. In my mind, it’s a time to honor women who have gone after what they’ve wanted and have succeeded. I admire this young woman, as much as I admire Steve and Mike Heringer.


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It came in an email, and I stashed it for this very moment. It was shared by my friends at Heringer Estates ,located in Clarksburg. When I began PS I Love You, the advocacy group for Petite Sirah, Steve Heringer was one of the very first growers to join. He didn’t even had a wine brand, yet. That was to come in the future. He did, however, understand the importance of supporting an advocacy group, which would ultimately help him to grow. Steve Heringer wanted to support the effort. He was even president of our board of directors in the early years. I watched his company grow to where he also created his own brand and then brought in his son Steve to help his family grow. I’ve been able to watch his family business grow, and it’s heartwarming. I’ve come into his database for sharing. This was such good news. I’m going to share it, too, because this young lady deserves the spotlight for so many reasons, I can’t even list them all.

What’s important is her voice, through her content.

It’s great public relations and it’s heartwarming


It is with mixed emotions that I inform you all of my departure from the role of Vineyard & Winery Relations Coordinator with Heringer Estates. As some of you may already know, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the Master’s program of Viticulture and Enology with UC Davis, which requires me to shift my focus to my academic career. I will still be with the Heringer family but in a much more behind-the-scenes role. While I am excited for this new chapter, I am also saddened by the idea of leaving this position behind. You are all such amazing people who have shown me nothing but kindness, and for that, I am grateful. I hope that our paths cross again in the future.

Please rest assured that you are all still in great hands. Winemaker Mike Heringer and Cellar Assistant Brittany Leininger will both be stepping in to assist you with harvest logistics, grape sales, and bulk wine needs. Your contact email and phone number will remain the same. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this transition, please feel free to call or email us, so we may help you to the best of our ability.

Many thanks,

Lizz Castillo

From the Heringer Website ~ Who They Are

Family farming together since 1868 in Clarksburg, CA

A sense of place is embodied in every Heringer Estates wine. The family honors its agricultural legacy through sustainable stewardship of the land, while embracing the excitement of today and the promise of the future with over 24 different grape varieties that are grown and created for you. From our family to yours we toast to your celebrations, your small get-togethers, and even your quiet times.  We toast to you!