Full Circle Wine Solutions is Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein’s company. Creative, inventive, intelligent, empathetic, and one of the greatest guys you’ll ever meet. His enthusiasm is very infectious, and now he’s hit a new stage in his development. This new incarnation is one of those inventions when you hit your forehead and think? “Why didn’t I come up with that?”

But, Evan is a Master Sommelier, and that means – educator, besides a marketer. So, of course it came to him first as a great concept. Now what tool would be awesome for a classroom setting?

[PHOTO: Full Circle]

Evan Goldstein’s E-Mail to Me

For me, autumn is always reflection time and, hard to believe, Full Circle is moving into our 11th year!

So, what we do at Full Circle to celebrate our 10th anniversary? We have a ‘baby’ – in our case, a new company.

Welcome to the world, ‘Master the World’, our subscription-based blind tasting kits. This game-changing vehicle for improving your wine tasting abilities comes to life in monthly shipments of six wines (packaged in 187 ml bottles) enabling you to blind taste wines, specifically curated by myself and a panel of other Master Sommeliers and anaerobically decanted from quality finished bottles into tasting flights. You taste, evaluate, and then submit your findings online for immediate scoring, feedback, and, if you want, further live coaching by a Master.


[PHOTO: Jo Diaz]

So, here we go—spread the word, join our Indiegogo campaign (https://igg.me/at/MTWwines), and get a back-stage pass to our ‘navy-seal’ approach to bettering your palate while improving your knowledge of wines. Master the World: curated, convenient, and coached.

When posting, please hashtag with #MasterTheWorld #Wine #WineEducation #WineLover #WineTasting #BlindTasting and tag @MTWWines and @Indiegogo on Instagram/Twitter. In less than two full days, we are already at 23%!!

It’s not too early for folks to begin thinking holiday gifts… and Master the World (MTW in our office…) is surely something novel nobody will want to return (unlike another sweater or the ‘where did you find that….’).

I encourage you to check out the Indiegogo page as it is chock full of information and has several key FAQ’s.