Sample: Quintessential Wines ~ Georges Dubœuf Pouilly-Fuisse 2015 (Flower Label)


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Photo Credit: Richard Semik ~ vineyards near Fuisse

World Region ~ MÂCONNAIS ~ Les Vins , Mâconnais, France

Georges Duboeuf Pouilly-Fuissé 2015 Mâconnais, France, A.O.C. Pouilly-Fuissé


For more than four centuries, the Duboeuf family has been producing wine. Georges, well known for his dynamism, created Les Vins Georges Duboeuf in September of 1964. This historical date also marks the start of his wine merchant business, selecting, bottling and selling fine French wines from the Beaujolais and Mâconnais regions of Burgundy and, in the process, becoming quite world-famous.

Georges Dubœuf wines originated in Beaujolais, France. Today, father Georges and son Franck Duboeuf regard their wines as sensual, with lots of freshness. A true reality, in my humble opinion. Georges’s become, in a sense, the ambassador of the region. He’s remained loyal to his quest of offering quality wines, and combining the flavor profiles of their terroir with bold characters. He conducts his business by negotiating with heart, passion, and the constant desire to share the very best of Beaujolais. In continuing the family tradition, Georges and his wife Rolande are joined by their son Franck and his wife Anne, who manage the family business.


“After a careful selection of grapes from small parcels in the region, they’re pressed and undergo temperature-controlled fermentation. The resulting wine becomes a shiny gold hue.”

 “Impression: Sunrise” in the 1872 Paris Salon – Claude Monet


We’re deep into French culture and a Burgundian style, here. Pouilly is a little wine growing community, attached to Solutre, at the eastern region of Bourgogne, France.

Fuissé is a picturesque, blooming village. The terroir of this region creates fleshy and round Chardonnay wines, that are both compelling and robust. Claude Monet has this painting called Impression: Sunrise, which reminds me of this Chardonnay wine… vibrant, so lovely, warm shades of flavor, like a morning ritual with Meyer lemons.

This 2015 Georges Duboeuf Pouilly-Fuissé Mâconnais is a classic. Its complex and hearty style defines a white crepe myrtle tree for me. Gorgeous to see, complex in flavors, and lingers as a refreshing memory…  Summer fruit, revisited into autumn. It won’t go out of style, because it’s truly a classic.

Sample wine provided Quintessential Wines