[PHOTO: Jo Diaz]

Dear Friends,

I’m going to let you know this right now, because there aren’t very many copies left of the gorgeous “VINEYARD Sonoma County” book.

If you’ve seen George Rose’s latest publication, and have been procrastinating, please don’t wait any longer. It’s a fabulous gift. I know, because my copy was a gift from executive director Cheryl Quist, of the Petaluma Gap Winegrowers Alliance. If you get it now, you can put it away for any wine lover, when a memorial gift day arises. Anyone would cherish it, chiefly those who have Sonoma County in their hearts… The best of the best… Or, maybe just for your own library. It’s so visually enriching, as we get to see outlying vineyards vicariously, through George’s lens.

I’ve purchased one for a dear person, too. I believe in this book and know you’d also love it.


[PHOTO: Jo Diaz]

It was a lovely surprise, after I just experienced a special and unique day of tasting Petaluma wines, with fellow wine writers Linda Murphy and Deborah Parker Wong, in a tiny school house… A blog post still in the works, but not far off in the distance from also publishing.

The introduction is from my friend Dan Berger, of Vintage Experiences.

Dan wrote: The diversity of its geographic beauty, its budding culinary prowess, and its winegrowing possibilities  make it a region second to none. To be sure, Napa Valley has its beauty and its wine. But Sonoma County is unlike any other place, with so many divergent locales that cannot be described properly without being seen.

All very true, and George Rose’s book captures it all gorgeously.

Alder Yarrow, of Vinography, has provided a captivating introduction, and brings George Rose to the forefront as one of our most auspicious photojournalists:

George Rose has been photographing the vineyards of California for more than twenty-fine years, after opting for sunrise strolls between the vines instead of the frenetic pace of a newsroom and the over-saturated subject matter of  Hollywood, rock and roll, and professional sports. The pages that follow will easily prove the wisdom of that choice, especially to anyone who loves wine and the places where it is made.


[PHOTO: Jo Diaz of Duran Duran, first visit to the US at the Portland International Airport, Portland, Mane.]

I love that during my career, when I was photographing rock and rollers on the East Coast, as they would blow into town on tours, George was simultaneously photographing rockers on the West Coast. There’s a sense of camaraderie, just in that instance. Next, we both turned to wine; and, here George is presenting the fruits of his labor.

People, this is really a wonderful book to have in your possession, in your library, in your hearts. When I received mine, I was so honored to add it to my library. George Rose’s book is simply fine art.

From George Rose

From George Rose: THE PERFECT GIFT

Hi, Facebook friends. I only have a handful of copies of “VINEYARD Sonoma County” left. This beautiful, 188-page coffee table book can be yours for only $80 (includes tax and shipping.) Think of this as purchasing one bottle of really great Russian River Valley pinot noir. The only difference…my book will last forever. Support your intrepid photographer by going to my website. You’ll be glad you did! www.georgerose.com

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