Sample wines provided by Quintessential Wines ~ Count Karolyi Grüner Veltliner 2016


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    1. I can’t make up their history
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World Region ~ PANNON, HUNGARY

Count Karolyi Grüner Veltliner 2016 – 100 percent Grüner Veltliner


Dr. Herold Binderer founded the company Binderer St. Ursula in 1951, and worked tirelessly until his late eighties. His son, Peter, who took over the business, carries on the family tradition. After the fall of the “Iron Curtain,” Peter decided in the mid- 90’s to buy one winery in the north, and to build another winery in the south of Hungary. He knew about the long tradition and excellent potential of Hungarian wine making. Together with Lazlo Károlyi, a Hungarian aristocrat with a turbulent life, shaped by escape from war and comebacks in different continents, Peter created his first white wine in 1998. Since then, quality and innovative concepts have been the key factors in the success of these two gentlemen. As Lazlo loves the taste of the important white wine variety Grüner Veltliner, he gave his name “Count Karolyi” to create this brand. This fresh white wine has a real varietal character. Enjoy its lemony aromas with a spicy, peppery touch typical of Grüner from Pannon, south west Hungary – a region spoiled by sunshine.


The grapes are picked in the cool of the morning, at optimum ripeness, de-stemmed and lightly crushed before being transported to the press, where the free-run juice is collected and grapes gently pressed. The juice is then left to settle for 24 hours at cold temperatures. The clarified juice is fermented at approximately 18º Celsius in temperature-controlled tanks to keep all the wine’s freshness and fruitiness. After fermentation, the finished wine is left on the fine lees for between four to six weeks to increase complexity.


From the Embassy of Hungary, in a search for “history of Hungarian winemaking,” because to understand wine, one first needs to understand the history and culture of any wine region…

Learning about wine is an ever expanding and opening lotus blossom. The more you know, the more you know you don’t know. There’s no end to it, there just isn’t. And in that process you come across different flavors, each wine has its own characteristic. So, let’s explore just a bit, to broaden our own wine souls…

The tradition of viniculture, is a key asset in Hungary’s national heritage. Wine played a major role at the time of the Hungarian tribes. Travellers [sic] and 5th century Byzantine encyclopedias, mentioned the high number of vineyards planted by Hungarian tribes, which drank milk and wine as their two staple beverages. Major agreements and treaties were regularly accompanied by “wine blessing,” which confirmed the commitments of signatories.

It’s interesting to note, milk coming from a cow is not contaminated (or at least wasn’t then) by toxins. And, wine is antimicrobial… It was definitely more advantageous to drink these two beverages, than risk whatever was coming downstream. Nature provides what people haven’t destroyed… And so here we are searching out the soul of the Hungarian Grüner Veltliner.


In terms of an art paring, I’m going with a photo image from Brooke Lark.

Count Karolyi Grüner Veltliner 2016 is a mélange of citrus aromas and flavors. Imagine yourself, mountainside, and each morning you go to your citrus orchard and pick your fresh vitamin C, to start your day. Will it be the Meyer lemons, the limes, or the grapefruit?

Later in the day, you pick your fresh citrus wine to enjoy with your seamless Vitamin C flavors for your final meal of the day. If you started your day with zest, end that way with it, too. Make it a 2016 Count Karolyi Grüner Veltliner… It’s that fresh and exciting, and, it’s a lovely pairing of a food and wine experience to end that zesty day. I’m very partial to this dry white wine, light lemony yellow aromas with light green hues, and that added hints of spice on the finish. The Count Karolyi Grüner developed into attractive nuances and produced an engaging, spicy finish.

Highly Recommended.

If it’s not on your Wine Century Club list, and you love tangy whites, what are you waiting for?

Another Quintessential White Wine Import for 2018.