When I was at Wine Business’ Vineyard Economic Symposium, one of my important take-aways was the following:

The Paso Robles AVA is a possible place to consider, when wanting to invest. These investors, however, are always looking for Napa Valley Cabernet, first and foremost. They aren’t ready for an all in, throwing caution to the wind with other regions. Sonoma County is their default number two choice; and they’re cautiously open to other emerging AVAs. Paso did come up as one of the emerging.

(Smart thinking guys, you might want to also get out and taste the wines, just for perspective. You might even get ahead of the investing curve, by developing a sommelier’s palate, if that hasn’t happened, yet.)

It’s a double edged sword for any place still emerging, including Paso. That’s because, as with all things, happy/sad applies. Serious investors (which this conference room had plenty) are looking for companies going out of business for one reason or another. The point is that Paso is investment worthy. With many investors working for public companies, the human element is not as important as their investors’ expectations for investment rewards. Quick returns keep the board of directors happy. So, it will still be a while for Paso Robles.

When I tasted the Parrish Family Vineyard Cabernet, I was looking at what an investor would be expecting from California, since I had recently just returned from the above symposium… Great wine for the money, people. And, Parish Family Vineyards has a glorious Cab. This one, if ever on a wine list, I’m all in. I’d happily order their Cabernet to pair up with a Tri-Tip or from any other food demanding a great big, darkly colored, berry flavored wine with that touch of tobacco and firm tannins. Simply Delicious, and I’d be happy to order it from any wine list when I want a great big, darkly colored berry flavored wine, with that touch of tobacco, and firm tannins… Really Paso Juicy Delicious.

2013 Parrish Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

HEART ~ Parrish Family

FROM THEIR website: The Parrish family has deeps roots in the Atascadero and Paso Robles area. When EG Lewis purchased 27,000 acres in the area, he wanted to create an Utopian community based on agricultural sustainability. This is where our heritage begins. Lewis connected with Earl Henderson and asked him to manage the area for wine grape production. Henderson is grandfather to the Parrishes.

SCIENCE ~ Terroir

FROM THEIR website: In 1995, David Parrish purposefully designed his own trellis system to produce a distinctive and complex wine grape in the Central California wine region. The Parrish Family vineyard was planted on 40 acres with 100% Cabernet. This unique vineyard consists of four different clones of Cabernet grafted onto two different rootstocks. The terrain of the Parrish Family vineyard is unique to the region due to its location and the influence of the cool evening coastal breezes and the warm daytime temperatures. The soil is granite with high calcium, which produces beautiful color and flavor for the wine.

SOUL ~ Abundance

Swirl… The 2013 Parrish Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve has a color consistent with its rich, inky color of black ruby.

Sniff… So yummy I wanted to gulp it, just for the heck of it, because it was that inviting. Tannins had softened, so the cottoniness was gone, but not forgotten.

Sip… As I said above… There’s a lot of great wine in this bottle. It’s a great big, darkly colored, berry flavored wine, with that touch of tobacco and firm tannins. Simply Delicious, and I’ll be happy to order the Parrish Family Cabernets from any wine list, when I want a great big, berry flavored wine, with that touch of cigar box, and firm tannins in a Cab…