Stuart Smith has gathered in depth background materials for “No On C and Napa County’s environment” at www.stopmeasurec.com.

The Webpage opens with what’s most concerning for this measure:

“Because Measure C was created in secret, the only public airing of the Measure has been mailings, street signs, ads and letters to our local newspapers.  Even with the generosity of our local editors, initiatives are a terrible way to govern.  It should be no surprise then, that pleasantries are abandoned.  The truth is stretched to the breaking point and misleading feel-good slogans are repeated ad nauseum in hopes that their “Big Lie” will prevail.  This is a hard scrabble, no holds barred fight.  Winning is everything.  Whether any of us like it or not, this is the life of all initiatives.

“My intention with this site is to bring some rational thought to the discussion and jettison the emotional. To be sure, I oppose Measure C. Yet my goal is to bring facts, articles and science to bear on the many issues that are applicable not only to Measure C, but to a better understanding of how our environment functions.”


[Photo Credit: Charlie Smith, Stuart’s brother Website]

Stuart Smith explains: “In my nearly 50 years of living in Napa Valley, I’ve never seen a ballot initiative which has become so divisive in our community. My goal is to bring facts, articles, and science to bear, on the many issues that are applicable; not only to Measure C, but to also have a better understanding of how our environment functions.  Hopefully, those who support Measure C will find the information thoughtful and challenging.”

Smith will be adding additional updates and links until the election in June.

Sections on the blog include:

  • The text of the initiative
  • The language in the voter’s pamphlet
  • An analysis of the numbers being quoted in the initiative discussion (By The Numbers)
  • The anti C editorials from the editorial boards of the Napa Valley Register and St. Helena Star
  • Research articles about forestry, water, and air quality
  • A discussion of Section E of Measure C
  • Stuart Smith’s reflections on the ethics (Morality of Measure C)
  • A compilation of No on C letters, including several of Stuart Smith’s
  • Links to the 9111 Report, the Groundwater Sustainability Report, the Voluntary Oak Woodland Management Plan
  • The list of organizations opposing Measure C

[Photo credit: Kelly Alley]

The No on C campaign can be found at http://protectnapa.com/. One area you might want to read, regardless of which side you favor: “On June 5th, Napa County voters will be asked whether or not to approve Measure C. Learn more about this deeply-flawed measure before you cast your ballot.” Anything done in secret has been done in secret for a reason. Get to the bottom of it, then vote for what makes the most sense to you.

Stuart Smith founded Smith-Madrone Winery in St. Helena in 1971.