García Carrión, situated in Penedes, Spain, is a winery with a large portfolio, and has delicious sparkling offerings from Jaume Serra Cristalino. The sparkling Cavas are a Brut Cava, Rosé, and Extra Dry. Each one is great for every occasion, including no particular occasion at all.

They definitely fit into an easy value brand category, including having  received the “Value Brand of the Year” award several times from Wine & Spirits magazine, for just that reason. Great wine for its price category, the Jaume Serra Cristalino offers solid value, sparking wines.

When thinking of upcoming party events for this spring and summer (or just enjoying as an everyday sparkling house wine), look for this brand. And, you’ll be well rewarded.


  1. HEART OF THE DEAL ~ THE WINERY: info is coming from the company’s own statements
    1. I can’t make up their history
    2. Nor am I to try
    1. From: J. Garcia Carrión


García Carrión’s Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Cava

HEART ~ Garcia Carrion Family ~ With a lot of preceding history

“Jaume Serra is situated at the top of a slope that gently descends towards the Mediterranean Sea in Vilanova I La Geltru (Barcelona). Its origins went back to 1647, a year in which it was constructed [and] called ‘El Padruell.’ [This is] a walled farm that since the XVII century was used for protection to an old masia-fortaleza [ farmhouse-fortress] that, as the legend says, it used to have a passage that connected with the village.

“In 1943 Don Jaume Serra Güel established his company in Alella and he put his name to it. In 1956, the Rato family bought ‘El padruell’ farm, and in 1975 he purchased the winery of Don Jaume Serra Güell. In 1984, for lack of enough vineyards in Alella, it decided to move the winery to Vilanova I La Geltru, and began the construction of the new winery and the planting of its vineyards. It opened to the public in 1986.

“In 1997 Garcia Carrion family bought the winery Jaume Serra.”

SCIENCE ~ Terroir

The Current winery and vineyard are surrounded by a plot of lands of just about two and a half acres. Their wine varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, and Chardonnay.

The Fermentation installations have an elaboration capacity of 1,320,860 gallons of wine, with the most modern equipment available. The winery has the capacity to produce 1.7 million cases of wine a year. It also has 3,500 American and French oak barrels, so that they’re able to age their wines of the highest quality.

SOUL ~ Balance

I opened this everyday value wine just before Easter. I decided to pop the cork, while setting up my holiday table. I then regretted opening it so quickly, (it seems I’m always thirsty for bubbles. I have no other excuse.) Once I opened it, I immediately knew that if I had just waited and taken notes on Easter day, instead of THAT day, everyone would have enjoyed this Cava, not just me.

Swirling… Not necessary with bubbles ~ You don’t want to lose any of that spritz. The García Carrión’s Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Cava delivered a tons of excited bubbles, I knew I was on my way to a really fun adventure.

Sniff… A crisp, dry sparkling wine with lean aromas of apples and pears.

Sip… Do I really sip Cava? Probably not, which is why the rest of the bottle didn’t make it to Easter.  The citrus  flavors were so well balanced and delicious that it made my holiday preparations a delight. Now, as we prepare for family and friends to enjoy the upcoming adventures from Mother’s day, to graduations, to summer parties, this – as a house wine – means that you’re always ready for a tasty adventure, with anyone who shows up for celebrating… always with Bubbles.