Given to me by Jake Bilbro of Limerick Lane Wines… owner, winemaker… to enjoy, and wanted my opinion.


  1. THE HEART OF THE DEAL ~ THE WINERY: info is coming from the company’s own statements
    1. I can’t make up their history
    2. Nor am I to try
    1. From: Limerick Lane Wines


2015 Limerick Lane Obsidian Block

THE HEART ~ Jake Bilbro Family

Our wines are exceptional because our culture is special. Wine isn’t something you make; it’s something you live. The contents of each bottle reflect a full year in the life of everyone who works at Limerick Lane. As in all other parts of life, the lessons, challenges and victories lie in the journey, not the destination. We count among our greatest gifts the opportunity to teach our children how to live in a modern world via a seasonal process that was developed centuries ago and remains basically unchanged. That’s why, at Limerick Lane, in addition to the vineyards, music is important, books are important, sitting at the table together is important—facets create brilliance, an environment where people aren’t working, they are learning, sharing, growing. Our wines taste better because the people behind them are engaged in life in every sense, not just the senses—see, smell, taste—which specifically typify wine. At Limerick Lane, every bottle captures the multilayered daily life–the vines, the seasons, the rocks and people and sweat and romance–of this inimitable place.”


“Our estate is comprised of fourteen separate vineyard blocks divided by three creeks, which run between Chalk Hill to the east and the Russian River to the west. The hills that define our boundaries provide exceptional southern and western exposure, and are comprised of some of the oldest and most weathered soils in the Russian River Valley, a combination of clay and rock. The clay holds water, gradually metering it out to the dry-farmed vines throughout the summer, while the rock warms and aerates the soil and allows the roots to penetrate deep down into the subsoil. Vine balance is achieved naturally via the low fertility of the aged clay soils, and the vines are resilient because of the slow steady water supply that encourages deep rooting… In addition to old grape vines, Limerick Lane is home to another rarely found natural wonder: Obsidian. The fields are in fact littered with it. Whether or not the Petite Sirah grown in what we call the “Obsidian Block” actually channels some of the characteristics of the unique glass, I’m not sure but given the similarities between this wine and the stone, I have to wonder…”

THE SOUL ~ Willingness

So, here is my wine experience from this 2015 Limerick Lane Obsidian Block. With Obsidian rock being part of its geological make up, there’s no telling what flavor – if any – this type of hard stone brings to the vine and wine. (Think the about the sharpness of First Nation arrow head…)

Metaphysically speaking, that’s a different story. This land has been farmed since the first wave of immigrants arrived, after they crossed the Bering Straight. In 1910, the Del Fava family planted the first (and still producing) vineyard. The land has held an energy of good farming for about 15,000 years. Jake Bilbro embraces that deep respect for all that’s come before him. He doesn’t take the responsibility lightly. And, that passion is represented in his wine.

Swirl… The 2015 Obsidian Block, is 60 percent Petite and 40 percent Syrah.

Sniff… This was a really delicious, brave, bold, and bramble-berry kinda-wine.

Sip… Big, rich, Whoa, dry, and has well structured tannins. It filled my palate, raced around my taste buds, and told me how gorgeous is was.

Be brave, not afraid, like this wine; because, it’s what I call a tom-boy kinda wine… While it’s sorta tamed, it’s still a bruiser. Bring out your best slab o’beef and enjoy grilling season! Thanks, Jake Bilbro. (And, thanks Cathy Huyghe for the introduction)