Ron Rubin, of Ron Rubin Winery, had exclusively funded a program for saving lives in only Sonoma County. In collaboration with the American Red Cross and ZOLL Medical Corporation, this program has now received numerous requests from other American Viticultural Areas. Ron Rubin Winery, American Red Cross, and ZOLL are pleased to announce their expanded coverage to now include all North Coast regions.

  • Lake County
  • Marin County
  • Mendocino County
  • Napa County
  • Sonoma County (continuing)
  • Solano County

In order for a winery in the North Coast to qualify to receive a ZOLL AED PLUS, North Coast winery owners, or representatives, must begin the process by directly contacting Ron Rubin via email:

After a winery’s qualifications are approved to receive the AED PLUS (valued at $1,700), it will be promptly contacted by a representative from the American Red Cross, to schedule CPR/AED/First Aid training for the winery’s team. Winery participants will cover a very minimal cost of $60.00 per person, for their staff’s training.

Along with Ron Rubin Winery, the American Red Cross, and ZOLL, all of these North Coast wineries are committed to being Trained For Saving Lives.

To Date:

    1. Acorn Winery, Healdsburg
    2. Amista Vineyards, Healdsburg
    3. Amphora Wines, Healdsburg
    4. Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards, St. Helena
    5. Armida Winery, Healdsburg
    6. Asti Winery, Cloverdale
    7. Balletto Wines, Santa Rosa
    8. Barra Winery, Redwood Valley
    9. Bella Vineyards, Healdsburg
    10. Benovia Winery, Santa Rosa
    11. Blue Rock, Cloverdale
    12. Bluxome Street Winery, San Francisco
    13. Boeschen Vineyards, Saint Helena
    14. Buena Vista, Sonoma
    15. C. Donatiello Winery, Healdsburg
    16. Cakebread Cellars, Rutherford
    17. Campana Ranch Winery, Windsor
    18. Carol Shelton Wines, Santa Rosa
    19. Cartograph Wines, Healdsburg
    20. Cast Wines, Geyserville
    21. Cattleya Wines, Santa Rosa
    22. Christopher Creek Winery, Healdsburg
    23. Colgin Cellars, St. Helena
    24. Comstock Wines, Healdsburg
    25. CrossBarn, Sebastopol
    26. Dana Estates, Rutherford
    27. DeLoach Vineyards, Santa Rosa
    28. DeLorimier Winery, Geyserville
    29. DRNK Winery, Sebastopol
    30. Dry Creek Winery, Healdsburg
    31. DuMol Winery, Windsor
    32. Dutton-Goldfield Winery, Sebastopol
    33. F. Teldeschi Winery, Healdsburg
    34. Family Wineries Dry Creek, Healdsburg
    35. Francis Ford Coppola, Geyserville
    36. Frei Brothers, Healdsburg
    37. GC Lurton Vineyard, Healdsburg
    38. Grand Cru, Windsor
    39. Hagafen Cellars, Napa
    40. Hamel Family Wines, Sonoma
    41. Hanna Winery, Healdsburg
    42. Hook & Ladder Winery, Santa Rosa
    43. Hourglass Wine Company, St. Helena
    44. Idell Family Vineyards, Sonoma
    45. J Vineyards & Winery, Healdsburg
    46. JCB, Yountville
    47. Keller Estate, Petaluma
    48. Kistler Vineyards, Sebastopol
    49. Korbel Winery, Guerneville
    50. La Follette Wines, Healdsburg
    51. Laurel Glen Vineyard, Glen Ellen
    52. Lauterbach Cellars, Windsor
    53. Lede Family Wines, Yountville
    54. Lewis Cellars, Napa
    55. Lynmar Estate, Sebastopol
    56. Markham Vineyards, Saint Helena
    57. Matrix Winery, Healdsburg
    58. Mauritson Wines, Healdsburg
    59. Mazzocco Sonoma, Healdsburg
    60. Medlock Ames Winery, Healdsburg
    61. Merriam Vineyards, Healdsburg
    62. Merry Edwards Winery, Sebastopol
    63. Michael David Winery, Geyserville
    64. Moshin Vineyards, Healdsburg
    65. Muscardini Cellars, Kenwood
    66. Nalle Winery, Healdsburg
    67. Navarro Vineyards & Winery, Philo
    68. Old World Winery, Fulton
    69. Ordaz Family Wines, Kenwood
    70. Owl Ridge Wines, Sebastopol
    71. Paul Hobbs Winery, Sebastopol
    72. Papapietro Perry Winery, Healdsburg
    73. Paradise Ridge Winery, Santa Rosa
    74. Patz & Hall, Sonoma
    75. Pedroncelli Winery, Geyserville
    76. Pennyroyal Farm, Boonville
    77. Pezzi King, Healdsburg
    78. Quivira Vineyards, Healdsburg
    79. Rack & Riddle, Healdsburg
    80. Ramey Wine Cellars, Healdsburg
    81. Raymond Vineyard, St. Helena
    82. Robert Young Estate Winery, Geyserville
    83. Rockpile Vineyards, Healdsburg
    84. Ron Rubin Winery, Sebastopol
    85. Rued Winery, Healdsburg
    86. Russian River Vineyards, Forestville
    87. Schug Carneros Estate Winery, Sonoma
    88. Signorello Estate, Napa Valley
    89. Simoncini Vineyards, Healdsburg
    90. Soda Rock, Healdsburg
    91. Spring Mountain Vineyard, St. Helena
    92. St. Anne’s Crossing Winery, Kenwood
    93. Sugarloaf, Santa Rosa
    94. Talisman Wine, Glen Ellen
    95. Taft Street Winery, Sebastopol
    96. Tara Bella Winery, Santa Rosa
    97. Ten Acre Winery, Healdsburg
    98. Thomas George Estates Winery, Healdsburg
    99. Three Sticks Winery, Sonoma
    100. Trattore Estate Wines, Geyserville
    101. Truett Hurst Winery, Healdsburg
    102. Vine Cliff Winery, Napa
    103. Vineyard 29, St. Helena
    104. Vinify Wine, Santa Rosa
    105. Virginia Dare, Geyserville
    106. West Wines, Healdsburg
    107. Wheeler Farms, Saint Helena
    108. Wild Hog Vineyard, Cazadero
    109. Wilson Winery, Healdsburg
    110. Woodenhead Vintners, Forestville