When parents bring their children to wine country, any parent worth his or her salt will make sure to include something for the kids. This is just common sense. Expecting wine educators to also reduce their wine ed to a level of a day camp director, while also informing the wine consumers in a captive way… simultaneously… is unrealistic. Ask me, I know. And, I also know how to do it. But, I’m a realist. I knew my colleagues well, in Girl Scouts and in wine education, and I was one of the few and brave. I persevered! Tales of a Winery Tour Guide ~ Rumble, Tumble, Fumble, and Bumble

Meanwhile, parents headed to wine county on the April 22 weekend, and to those of you who live in wine country and want to connect your children to the earth… on this Earth Day… Join Safari West on Sunday, April 22, 2018, for a truly special occasion!

Now, more than ever, we cannot lose site of conserving and preserving our precious planet…

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This year, Safari West is hosting a Party for the Planet to celebrate Earth Day 2018 and provide support for our good friends at the Safari West Wildlife Foundation! On this crowded and dynamic planet, our wild neighbors need a helping hand more than ever. The Safari West Wildlife Foundation hopes to provide those helping hands by inspiring wildlife advocacy, and they need our help!
Save your seat at this one-day event and be among the first to ride our brand new safari bus, enjoy an amazing luncheon at the Savannah Café, and of course meet the many animals of the Safari West collection!

This Earth Day, party for the planet, explore the Sonoma Serengeti, and support the Safari West Wildlife Foundation!

I love visiting this place with our kids and grand kids. It’s truly memorable. Also reminding myself it’s time to return.