Spring’s here. Lighter fare is beginning to sound really delicious, as are lighter bodied wines. And this 2017 EQ Coastal Sauvignon Blanc from Casa Blanca Valley, Chile is a perfect fit for all of your plans.

  • HEART ~ THE WINERY: info is coming from the company’s own statements
    • I can’t make up their history
    • Nor am I to try


2017 EQ Coastal Sauvignon Blanc from Casa Blanca Valley, Chile

THE HEART ~ Matetic Family

The Matetic family arrived in Chilean Patagonia back in 1892. They were originally from Rijeka (today it’s in Croatia). In 1999, the fourth generation of the family, after a detailed study of the terroir conditions, was absolutely confident about the great potential of El Rosario Valley; so, the family planted vineyards on the slopes of this protected environment, within the San Antonio appellation. Thus, it became a pioneer in Chilean cool-climate Syrah.


TERRIOR: EQ stands for Equilibrio, the Spanish word for balance. The windswept vineyard of Valle Hermoso, just 13 kilometers (8.08 miles) from the Pacific Ocean, gives birth to this expressive Sauvignon Blanc. The cool climate and strong coastal winds help to control the natural vigor of the vines, thus achieving a perfect balance between plant growth and fruit ripeness. Valley Hermoso delivers an elegant and nuanced wine, both fresh and ripe, with underlying minerality.

The predominant soil type is decomposed grey granite with a presence of iron-rich mica. The loose subsoil allows root penetration and balance growing, thanks to the winery’s organic and biodynamic management. A careful manual harvest was carried out at the end of March. The grapes underwent a cold soak for six to eight hours, before pressing under a layer of inert gas, preserving the grapes’ aromatic potential. Fermentation was conducted under controlled low temperatures in stainless steel tanks. The wine was aged in contact with fine lees for four months. Thirty percent was fermented in concrete egg-shaped vessels and neutral oak barrels, to enhance the mineral notes, texture, and mouthfeel of the final wine.

THE SOUL ~ Purity

It’s always interesting to reflect on soulful Old World practices. For instance, in Europe, hazardous chemicals – like glyphosate –  are seriously considered (if even) before using, and that’s if indeed they’re even used. The Old World has a grounded common sense about using hazardous chemicals in the soil. These known carcinogens have a way of not only poisoning the bugs who are feasting on leaves of what’s been treated, but also everything else along the food, air, water, people, and and soil chain. What’s listed as organic – from Old World practices, are products that I feel more confident enjoying. The purity of EQ was exceptionally delicious, with organic and biodynamic practices contributing to tasty flavors. The flavors were crisp and clean, very lemony, like enjoying a glass of summer sunshine. The elements of fresh grass, grapefruits, and Meyer lemons, with that kitty claw factor, were in perfect harmony. A classically well-balanced Sauvignon Blanc, this 2017 EQ Coastal Sauvignon Blanc is sure to please the Sauvignon Blanc lover inside of you.

It is reminiscent of spring days, baby-green colored grasses are just beginning to cover the earth, and spending time with my daughters studying dance, ballet as part of the innocence curriculum and Edgar Degas’ work was always, always on my mind.  From the Larousse Encyclopedia. Enjoy with a glass of your favorite Saugivnon Blanc, or maybe you’re lucky enough to have a glass of EQ!