SETTING: Waltz, point counter point, having just been in the garden ~ including Waltz in A-Flat Major, Op. 39, No. 15

INSPIRATION: Wine Enthusiast Magazine query ~ “Introducing Wine Enthusiast’s First Ever Art & Wine Issue”

SOUL: Art & Wine? Sure

OPINION: Life graces us with sensual entertainment. We need only to indulge, just lose ourselves and indulge. I’m so delighted that Wine Enthusiast’s sensibilities match mine. I’ve always enjoyed the magazine’s talented people. This past week, in a digital interview, I got closer to the source. Enjoy the following, if you love words as an art form, enjoying “other” art forms.

The Interview ~ Lauren Buzzeo: Managing Editor / Tasting Director

QUESTION: How did Wine Enthusiast arrive at this decision to turn this year’s focus to the perfect pairing of Art & Wine?

LAUREN: We have had a dedicated culture issue every year since 2014, each with a unique theme—Music & Wine (June 2014), Film & Wine (May 2015), Sports & Wine (May 2016), Fashion & Wine (May 2017), and the latest in the series, Art & Wine (May 2018). There are such strong connections between these various culture touchpoints and the wine world that are an absolute pleasure to illuminate through these packages. In this case, art and wine absolutely go hand in hand in so many ways. The two worlds require equal expertise in both craft and creativity or imagination, and have the ability to transport and affect people through their uniquely personal experiences with each. When they come together, however that may be, it’s often electrifying and completely synergistic. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to explore these art & wine intersections, speaking to luminaries in both industries for Q&As as well as showcasing the beauty of the partnership throughout time through our History of Art and Wine timeline, Artful Labels ticker and perfect wine pairings for classic art styles.

QUESTION: Superlative parings of Art and Wine – what are the parallels that the editors could easily, and the not so blatantly ones see; i.e., what new walk-away will consumers be pondering/enlightened?

LAUREN: Some of the art and wine pairings—like Brunello, the classic Tuscan wine of power, expression and ageability with Michaelangelo’s Drunkenness of Bacchus stature—were instant soulmates. [Above image] Others, like orange wine with abstract expressionism, were a bit more subject to personal interpretation and outside-the-box thinking. The interesting thing we noticed was the more vague or unconventional the art style, the more categorically open we were inclined to go with wine, allowing for those personal interpretations and preferences to drive your individual wine choice.

QUESTION: Just curious, is there any glass – like Chihuly – involved in the story? (My own Chihuly image was attached, of an installation taken at Pine Ridge Winery.)

LAUREN: There is! One of the pairing art and wine styles, contemporary/modern art, includes a beautiful Chihuly chandelier as the imagery for the style and inspiration to the wine pairing. It was important to us to incorporate multiple mediums and artistic technique, including sculpture, graphic design and batik, as well as different raw materials, when putting the package together.

QUESTION: I’ll also go into your links, and find quotes that I’ll attribute to WE. Do you have a favorite?

LAUREN: There are many! There are some definite personalities in there that have seen some stuff in their time (Steadman and Indiana, for sure), so I’ll let you run with whatever you like best!


For the first time, Wine Enthusiast’s highly-anticipated May Culture issue will turn its focus to the perfect pairing of Art & Wine. Going live at this week [March 25 to April 1, 2018] this issue is filled with art-centric content to kindle zeal for both wine and art.

Inside Wine Enthusiast’s noteworthy Art & Wine issue, you’ll find interviews with some of art’s leading figures who also have a passion for wine:

Additional content features more artist Q & As; wine bars with high design; art styles and their perfect matching wine; cocktails inspired by vintage cocktail posters; and exclusive digital content. #WineEnthusiast #WineMag #WEWineAboutArt