Dear Wine Brands and Importers,

We need to get something into balance, here…

This is a bit redundant, but I’m going to repeat it again, anyway, because it’s an issue that’s not going away. Regardless of how much I (and others) write about it. Still, this is a fresh take on an old issue.

First of all, you’re spending a lot of money on fancy New York PR firms. Good for you (not). It’s not the magic pill! Someone is passing along all of your words, and it’s just going to fall on deaf ears.

Why? Because…

  • Who in their right mind is going to endorse something that she or he knows nothing about?
    • Would you buy a car without driving it first?
    • Would you marry a man or woman that you’ve never met?
    • Would you eat a raw oyster, without seeing first if it has a live worm in it? (Okay, forget this last one, you probably do do this one.)
  • When I write a blog post, it takes me between four and five hours to recommend a wine. Here’s an example of what five hours looks like.
    • I’m also a wine publicist.
      • So, compare my hours above with what that’s worth, along side what you’re paying your publicity firm.
      • Now you know how much “free” you get from a wine blogger, yet you won’t spring for a bottle of wine?
    • Just a little reality free PR 101 advice here.
      • Somebody has to speak up for wine bloggers, who don’t dare tell you.
      • But they have the power to just delete your messages, and they DO.
      • (Wine bloggers forums, where their voices are protected.)

I think the point is very clear here. Without a sample, there’s no real blog post about your brands’ wines, if wine bloggers haven’t tasted your wines, first.

Need a bit more? Click on these links. Lots more detail for you.

Today is 12:22 p.m., and it’s three and counting… Sigh…

I write all of this with the deepest respect, because I’m not only a wine blogger, but I’m also a wine publicist. I know how hard it is to get to the top of the heap, and I’m offering sound advice. Figure out how many samples you can afford, and query the right people.