1. THE HEART OF THE DEAL ~ THE WINERY: info is coming from the company’s own statement
    1. I can’t make up their history
    2. Nor am I to try


NV Pascual Toso Brut ~ Maipú Mendoza, Argentina

THE HEART OF THE DEAL: “Founded in 1890, Pascual Toso remains faithful to its principles: Tradition, Authenticity and Innovation. Pascual Toso reflects the authentic essence of Las Barrancas, the location of its single‐vineyard estate and a region of Mendoza characterized by premium soils. Its terroir ‐ driven profile makes Pascual Toso ideal for wine aficionados. At the beginning of the twentieth century, our founder decided to expand the business and acquired 988 acres of vineyards in Maipú, which he correctly believed contained the best quality grapes in the region. At his estate “Las Barrancas,” he built another winery and 100 percent of their wines are estate produced and bottled. Today, the Maipú area is considered by technicians to be the prime wine ‐ producing area not only in the region of Mendoza, but throughout Argentina.”

THE SCIENCE OF THE DEAL: This NV Pascual Toso Brut from Argentina. This pale yellow wine was a double surprise~ Lemony, yeasty second glass secondary flavors on the finish. Taking off cork had such a ceremonial pop that Buddy the Cat jumped about two feet into the air… a fun memory of Toso (sorry, Buddy). It goes through layers of fermenting. This makes it deliver in a silky and smooth way. The Pascual Toro experienced six months to a year in production, with three of those months under strict control, so this sparkling wine is vibrant and unctuous.

THE SOUL OF THE DEAL: The spirit of this NV Pascual Toso Brut (Maipú Mendoza, Argentina) was a little gentle, yet complicated. It was smooth and inviting, and it got my attention from the first sip. It gave me layers of enjoyment. Utterly delicious, it’s from south of the equator… A different harvest season, a different view for you, perhaps. Please take the Argentinian wines quite seriously. The non-vintage Pascual Toso Brut, from Maipú Mendoza over delivered and easily delighted.

NV Gustav Lorentz Crèmant d’Alsace Rosé

THE HEART OF THE DEAL: The Lorentz family has been making wine since 1836, in the heart of the Alsace, which lies in the northeast corner of France, along the Rhine River. Charles Lorentz Sr., grandfather is the current president of Gustave Lorentz, and developed his vineyards on the hills of Altenberg de Bergheim, in the foothills of the Vosges Mountains. This vineyard has grown to 85 acres in this extraordinary terroir, with four acres planted on the hills of the Grand Cru Kanzlerberg and 30 acres in the Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergheim.

THE SCIENCE OF THE DEAL: This CREMANT D’ALSACE has met very strict production conditions.

  • The grapes were picked healthy and whole.
  • After traditional fermentation of the base wine, the second fermentation called “foam creation” took place in the bottle.
  • After a long period of aging on lees, which gives the Crémant its finesse, their bottles were patiently stirred,
    • To gradually tilt them on their end.
    • This operation allows the lees deposits to gather in the neck, until the time of bleeding.
  • Each bottle was then definitively plugged.

THE SOUL OF THE DEAL: When I was enjoying this non-vintage Gustav Lorentz Crèmant d’Alsace Rosé, I was struck by its character and style. It was like enjoying the elegance of being in Paris, one early spring morning in the future, while on an intriguing, shopping adventure. I was picking up bright pink fruit of hushed early strawberries, and pleasant grapefruit trailing along as a shadow.