SAMPLE: 2016 Terrunyo Sauvignon Blanc ($26 ~ 13.6% alcohol ~  produced by Concha y Toro)

Concha y Toro’s is located in Santiago Chile, and Terrunyo is one of their projects.

The 2016 Terrunyo Sauvignon Blanc isn’t considered an ordinary Sauvignon Blanc, by those who have also enjoyed it, because winemaker Ignacio Recabarren has a couple of personas: he’s either a revered elder statesman of modern-day Chilean winemaking; or he’s a rebel genius, who stops at nothing to make the wines he really wants (and needs for his own soul) to make.

With coastal influences, the Sauvignon Blanc grapes are planted close to the Pacific Ocean. The location for this vintage originated in Block-5 of the Los Boldos Vineyard, in Chile’s Casablanca Valley. Soil terroir is red clay topsoil and a granite subsoil, that’s Permeable and has very good drainage. It’s poor in nutrient matter, which is good for grapevines. Grapevines don’t need a lot of nitrogenous waste in the soil, to produce flavorful grapes. That stress is good for grapevines and wine grapes. This may seem like a conundrum, based on all else that grows; but, it is what it is, and it works… Don’t touch it!

According to its individual level of ripeness, each cluster is hand picked, over the course of March. Rhythms of ripeness; yeah, I like that.

The wine itself is pale yellow in color, with green light tinges. It’s bouquet is very citrusy; lemon, and line. Mineral notes are refreshing and bright. You know, this wine is perfect for this time of year. Imagine a chilly winter night, the air has been brisk all day, it feels like it’s been down to the bone. The fire is going, your crockpot has been slow cooking all day, a recipe that’s a mix of spices, like cumin, cinnamon, coriander, and cayenne. With this kind of meal’s flavors, you want a wine that balances lightly with crisp, clean flavor, yet with it’s own touch of spice and refreshness… This was IT!

RECIPE: REAL SIMPLE: Slow-Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala Garam masala

As a Side Note

I was really taken, recently, with a Michelle Williams’ quote, RockinRedBlog, and it shapes really well into what I also believe. “Drinking wine is art, tasting wine is science, talking about wine is culture.”

So, anyway, here we are…