After writing my blog post story Twelve years of blogging… What do I have to show for it? Prohibition Redux, (December 8, 2017) I realized that I needed better time management for 2018’s writing. I love to write, was born to write. This blog is where it’s been living, since 2005. So, I became resolved to slow down my engagement with Facebook, which created more time to journal, again. I just posted the following on Facebook (December 9, 2017), getting ready for the 2018 New Year. I’m letting the world know, right here, right now, this is a Poor Man’s Copyright, as another journal is brought to life, again.

January 1, 1925

A Line A Day ~ The Journal’s Prefatory

“You have neither the time not the inclination, possibly, to keep a full diary. Suppose, however, out of the multitude of matters that crowd each day, you jot down in a line or two those most worthy of remembrances. Such a book will be of the greatest value in after years. What a record of events, incidents, joys, sorrows, successes, failures, things accomplished, things attempted. This book is designed for such a record. It can be designed for just such a record. It can be commenced on any day of the year, and is so printed that it is good for any vine years.”

The picture is of my grandmother Abbie Bernier, when she was about the same age as our unnamed author. The two could have actually crossed paths, when our author went shopping in Lewiston, Maine; as, as my grandmother was working in a women’s clothing store on Lisbon Street. This is where everyone from the surrounding areas shopped, who went to “the city” of Lewiston (Maine).

A Line A Day From Livermore Falls, Maine in 1925©

January 1, 1925 ~ A Housewife in Livermore Falls

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