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Dear Jo:

I am writing to introduce you to a delicious cookbook perfect for a holiday post.  Fresh Tastes by award-winning author Lee Clayton Roper, delivers over 170 flavorful recipes, essential cooking tips and delightful stories to spark inspiration in your kitchen.

Lee takes the “complicated” out of timeless classics, simplifying the process while ramping up flavors, using fresh ingredients when and where possible.  She shares personal reflections on lessons she has learned in the kitchen from those who have inspired her, along with 65 beautiful food photos, along with process shots of key preparation steps.

Fresh Tastes epitomizes Lee’s culinary tastes, balancing an innovative approach with uncomplicated preparation techniques. Sophisticated in flavor and beautiful to present, the recipes in Fresh Tastes are prepared with the best quality, readily available ingredients designed to maximize flavor.

Drawing from her decades of experience, Lee delivers helpful advice on what is best for the dish, the flavor and the cook, considering such essential variables as seasonality and availability. Recipes in Fresh Tastes were evaluated by a team of volunteer testers across the country. Only the best, most flavorful, eye catching dishes made the cut. Fresh, flavorful and inspired, this collection of hand selected recipes in Fresh Tastes transcends the kitchen, reminding us all that every meal can and should be a simple yet sophisticated celebration of life.

I know the holidays are just around the corner and your blog schedule is full, but I am writing to see if you are interested in posting a review of this book on your blog and social media outlets before Christmas.  I have attached a preview for you to look at.

If you do want to post a review, please reply with the name of your blog and UVPM numbers and I will email you a PDF of the book immediately.  Once you post your review Lee will send you signed hard copy as a thank you.  We will also provide one copy for a giveaway.

Lee Clayton Roper is an award-winning cookbook author, cooking instructor, public speaker and TV personality. Her first book, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen, was co-written with her mother Sally Clayton, received numerous rave reviews, and is often featured in local and national press. In 2010, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen achieved national acclaim, winning the prestigious “Living Now” gold medal. With Fresh Tastes, Lee expands the A Well-Seasoned Kitchen collection, serving up fresh, delicious and sophisticated dishes guaranteed to inspire creativity in kitchens everywhere. “Fresh,” “organic,” and “local” aren’t simply buzz words for Lee — they’re indelible principles, seamlessly translated from the culinary experiences of her youth. Today, Lee tours the country (in her Airstream trailer) sharing the secrets to her success as a renowned home cook and hostess, teaching cooking classes, leading cooking demonstrations, and providing expert commentary on television, radio and in print media.

I look forward to hearing back from you.


My friend Greg Lint at Oak Knoll Winery told me that I have this gift.  Seems that I do have these situations arise, from time to time.

Hi, Trina,

Thanks for thinking of me. At this time, I’m fighting off EYE EXHAUSTION; yeah, it can happen.

PDF isn’t working for me right now. I have another book that I just said “yes” to, and now I really do have to buy a hard copy.

So, I’m going to pass. And, O do appreciate you thinking of me. (The “O” is, of course, a typo, proving my eye exhaustion.)

The Art of PR ~ Telling someone to eat poop and it’s okay.