On December 5, 2005, I took that first step as the first female wine publicist blogger in the world, I didn’t know where it would go. How could I? I’ve written about everything I’ve learned in the last 25 years of being in the wine business. That was my intent, and I’ve been successful in my own mind. That’s all that matters, right?

Lately, after all of these years, along with moving into the Myacamas Mountains, I still love wine, I still love writing, but I don’t love writing tomes anymore. Some of it has to do with so many others just coming into their own, and their passions are as fresh as mine was, in 2005… and I’ve written it already. Some of it has also do with other social media outlets and engagements. It’s so rewarding to have social interactions on Facebook, for instance. Create one paragraph, and get feedback. Write tomes and who knows where and to whom it’s going?

I’ve been wondering lately, “What DO I want to say about my last 12 year journey of wine blogging?”

It hit me this morning, based on the quiet ground swell that has begun. “Prohibition redux.”

It began yesterday, when the cover of Time Magazine was revealed. Not really “begun” yesterday, more like revealed to me. This is what’s lit the fires within. Someone made a comment, “How about we now bring out the men in wine who have abused women.” I thought, “My dear God,  I could write a tome about this, as I’ve been doing on Facebook, since the first #MeToo I saw. I immediately enlisted. And, yes, I’ve met plenty of men in wine who are misogynists. Am I going to name names? Not necessary; however, my circumstances could fill that tome. And, this post is the tipping point for my 12 years of writing. These guys have given me stories of my life, of me always laughing at the jerks who thought they could hold me down, including my own father. It was my husband who said to me, the first night we were together, “I’m one of the good guys.” I was 35 years old when he said that. My reaction? “Yeah, we’ll see about that.” Well, he was right. There are good guys, and I’ve met plenty of them. Everyone I work with now are the “good guys.” For that I’m thankful.

Now, this today got me going: BERN (Sanders): If Frankel Is Out, Trump Should Be Too — Sanders Demands Trump’s Resignation

So do I. Yup! I’ve been saying this since it was revealed. We can’t have a double standard. Com’mon women, #MeToo is the new Prohibition on male bad behavior. Heck, #Prohibition was a force started by women, who were being abused at home, by men who would hit the bars, hit on women working those bars, then go home and hit their wives, for not wanting to get it on with their drunken, slovenly husbands. That’s not love, that’s their own self loathing. It’s abuse. #MeToo is a movement about women being physically and mentally abused, again. Let’s get women into political power, and we’ll demonstrate that that day is over, when they need to treat women as an equal, not a whipping post for their own insecurities. Best part? Emotionally mature men, like Bernie (and my husband, for instance), who already support and love strong women. Own it, girl friends! Trump HAS to go!

There is now a switch toward feminism, again, as I contemplate our sitting president, Roy Moore, all of the guys in Congress resigning, as one-by-one they’re being called out. It’s not as sexy naming wine guys, it’s not going to even matter. What does matter?

Women of America are rising up. This is why the #MeToo movement has begun. Women of Alabama, I know that you’re more educated than the women being interviewed 0n television. This is your chance to prove it to the world. This is your moment to do so. The backward women being interviewed saying, “Yeah, I know, but he’s better than a Democrat.” Really? Those women are NOT modern, educated women. They’re still beaten down women, who believe being beaten is better than correcting that problem. #RiseUp! And, thanks to emotionally mature men, who love a woman as their equal, and celebrate women for it.

So, here I am, I could write forever. I’m not going to. This is what 12 years of wine blogging has brought to me. Say it and move on. This is the real business at hand in my heart and soul. When US citizens have paid over $17 Million in hush money for our elected officials’ misbehavior, that’s  news and that’s wrong. And, this is the beginning of new time, a Prohibition Redux… And now WE’VE got a glass in our hands, too. Double indemnity for those who have been abusive, that’s the ticket. Pass the bottle!