Real story: When in Boston, I was a bit lost, so I asked a police offer, “How do I get to Harvard?” His answer, “Study haaad.”

How does anyone learn about wine? Well, if you spend 25 years in it, you’ll have a great background in whatever companies that employ you. Or, you can just take a crash course, and you’ll gain some insight very quickly. The Wine Scholar Guild is one such program, where you’ll shoot like an arrow and hit your target, faster than my traveling the world for the last quarter century.

As far as I’m concerned, none of us should ever stop learning, and my background can always use more wine knowledge. Not sure about most of you; but this lesson, had it come first, might have taken me in a completely different direction. When I read a press release, my eyes opened quite largely, as I began to drool. This also came to me right after I had written about an upcoming auction: DRC and Pétrus Lead Heritage Auction as Wine Market Continues to Rise, which also had me drooling.

From the Wine Scholar Guild

Insights About France’s Deep Legacy

Domaine de la Romanée-Conti

  • How deep is your background in Domaine de la Romanée-Conti?
  • Do you know that La Romanée is the smallest AOC in France?
  • Or that Domaine de la Romanée-Conti was one of the last to pull their vines after phylloxera?
    • They replanted in 1947 using budwood from La Tâche
    • Thus, they did not produce Romanée-Conti for seven years.

From Press Release ~

Want to know what sets DRC apart? You are invited you to learn about the DRC farming and winemaking philosophy. And, if Italy or Spain are more to your liking right now, you can study that, as well.

You can earn the Master-level certificates through 11 weeks of self-study fully supported by 17 live webinars, a comprehensive study manual, an interactive preparatory e-learning module and quizzes for self-evaluation.  We provide true tech support, stellar instruction from world-renowned instructors like Andrew Jefford and Allen Meadows, a flexible schedule of study designed for busy professionals and all the necessary tools to master the wines of Bourgogne.


Becoming more wine literate, especially about imports, has never been easier.