I love to laugh. It’s good for disposition of mind, body, and soul. And, I love anyone who can make me laugh… Jennifer Todryk is just such a person.

I was asked if I would review her newly released book, W(h)ine ~ 50 Perfect wines to Pair with your child’s ROTTEN behavior. At first, I was a bit defensive, because my grandchildren are so adorable, right? That took about a New York minute for recovery. They, too, have rotten moments. Yeah, they DO!

I was all in, once I opened the book, and laughed all of the way from Geyserville to Sonoma Valley, where we’d be picking up friends. We had a hired car (no drinking and driving for us). The ultimate goal was heading to Yoshi’s (in Oakland) for dinner and music… From home to our friends, I took the time to read this lovely little book, just begging to be enjoyed.

Author Jennifer Todryk has a well focused approach with this book. First, you need to understand that she became an instant, sarcastic sensation with her blog, Life as a Rambling Redhead. She explains herself:

I’m a stay at home mom to two beautiful blue-eyed, super blonde babies. They both are extremely loud and have an insane amount of personality running through their veins. Thank God for this, they supply me with endless blog material and constant laughter. I am also a stay at home wife to an awesome, stud of a man with dark brown hair. Thank goodness he’s a trooper and participates in things with me, like YouTube videos, even though it may jeopardize his corporate career.

[Borrowed image from her Life as a Rambling Redhead website.]

So, the book: W(h)ine ~ 50 Perfect wines to Pair with your child’s ROTTEN behavior, is the result of seeing the humor in life, beyond each day-to-day craziness, when small children take up your every blinking moment that they fill with their emotional meltdowns… Big kids test the boundaries, too, she’s got a remedy for that, even.

Wine Pairings

There are so many facets to her book. It takes off with her Top 21 Signs You’re A Wine Mom (or dad)!

Don’t let it bother you, all of my granny (or grampy) pals. When the grandkids are dropped off for the weekend, this all also applies.

A few more tidbits lead you into the heart of the matter:

Got a behavior? Has she got a wine for you to fix that.

Jennifer Todryk will have you choose a wine (Malbec) and pair it for certain behaviors (Temper Tantrum Wine). I was looking for Petite Sirah (given my history), but didn’t find it, among all of her varieties given the spotlight. For Petite, I was thinking all out warrior, ye-ha!, would have worked really well. Jennifer has covered so many other varietal wines, with so many other perfect tantrum storms, that I can just let Petite Sirah go for now.

Just a tease

  • Malbec – Temper Tantrum Wine ~ Drink MALBEC when your toddler decides to throw a hellish temper tantrum while in a very public place, like Target.
  • Syrah – Common Core Wine ~ Choose SYRAH when homework battles have left you brain-dead and is a total state of depression.
  • Barolo – Change the Locks Wine ~ Choose BAROLO when your kid just can’t seem to stay away.
  • Sauvignon Blanc – “I Surrender” wine ~ Choose SAUVIGNON BLANC when your toddler uses you as target practice.

Her book finishes with THE PERIODIC TABLE OF W(H)INE

“Each pairing in this book has a corresponding sticker that you can add to your Periodic Table of W(h)ine chart that folds out.”

A PERIOD IN TIME OF SERVITUDE: If you’re a mom of small children, this book lets you know, you’re not alone. If you’re a grandmother, give the book to your daughters and sons, to let them know they’re not alone. Raising kids is the toughest job you’ll ever have, and if you can’t find the humor, when it’s all said and done, you missed a very important, adventurous boat filled with delights… beyond the tantrums, and some wine recommendations that will give you the giggles, at the end of the (long) day, before you hit the short, sleepless night.

Disclaimers abound, so no one can ever say, “The devil made me do it…” (There’s always one of those who pop up in court, right?) It’s just a fun (funny) book, to ease the strain of day-to-day life with kids, and I loved it as a parent and grandparent. It all applies to all of us. It just took this zany redhead to put it all together for all of us. Good on her!