At least, that’s how I feel, every time…

And, I’ve got better things to do…

How many cocktail concepts are you going to send to me, PR people for the hotel industry and/or spirits companies, before you realize, no sample, no story.

Bloggers are writing about their journey into the beverage industry. So, do you really imagine that they are just going to put cocktail concepts out there for you, so your clients get free advertising? Writers would be spending about two hours on their computer, typing away, when they could be taking care of others who have not only presented a concept, but also presented something tangible. Or even… taking a dip in the pool… now there’s something way more fun than just giving for-profit companies free publicity, while taking advantage of bloggers… All the while, paying a PR company to do so.

Are we all really that ignorant? I doubt it.

One word for you all: gullible

In this one press release, there are seven major hotels from around the globe. Very, very expensive ones. Each one would be getting publicity. And, many, many spirits companies have brands mentioned, too.

So here you go, people. No hotel mentions, no brand names for the alcohol, just the beverages that sounded pretty good. Ideas for your hot summer days:

  • Vodka, orange spirits, an Italian aperitif, grapefruit juice, strawberry syrup garnished with a slice of lime, cherry and fresh mint.
  • Full coconuts with a sipping straw with a shot of Rum and mixed together with the freshest coconut water around.
  • Booze popsicles, a combination of Prosecco and popsicles.
  • Served in a fresh watermelon, this mezcal cocktail is mixed with natural syrup, watermelon liqueur, lime juice and topped off with cubes of fresh watermelon.
  • With an ounce of any Añejo tequila, this watermelon and cucumber infused mixture is topped with a fresh mint leaf and light sprinkle of sugar to add extra flavor.